How can I improve my website after a Google ads suspension?

How can I improve my website after a Google ads suspension?

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Hi all,  My website has been suspended by google ads under the website needs improvement ( which appears to be a common issue). Frustratingly it does not point out the root cause,  I keep changing it and trying to comply with google, but I am now at the point of having to wait a week between reviews.  Could anybody please offer some help/advice on how to rectify this. My website is i would be really grateful is someone could take a look

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Hey, @Slocke11 


Unfortunately Google has their own review process, so we wouldn't have a hand in terms of expediting their process. In addition, they have access to your ads account and have context around why the account has been suspended. My best piece of advice would be to continue your conversation directly with them in order to get to a resolution.

With that said, in the meantime you can check out their resources on product linking Shopify to their Google ads platform here.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

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Hi @Slocke11

I understand how challenging and frustrating it can be when your website gets suspended by Google Ads, especially when the reasons for the suspension aren't clear. Having a website under the 'needs improvement' category can indeed be a common issue, but pinpointing the exact cause for rectification can be tricky.


After reviewing your website,, one potential area of concern could be your website policies. It appears that the policies might have been set up using standard templates without adequately customizing or updating the information within them. This is something Google could be flagging. Google Ads typically requires that websites have clear, accurate, and comprehensive policies. If the policies seem generic or incomplete, it might lead to issues with ad approvals.


Privacy policy:



Terms of Service:




My advice would be to thoroughly review and update your website policies. Ensure that they accurately reflect your business practices and are fully tailored to your specific services and products. This step might help in addressing part of Google's concerns and could be a positive move towards getting your website back in good standing with Google Ads.


Hope this helps, and best of luck with resolving the issue and getting your website back on track!

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Thank you for taking the time to look, and your suggestions, I will review
the policies and amend. Again thank you