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How can I promote my link effectively?

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Hello, i've been having problems drawing merchants to create a shopify store. I have massave clicks but no one has created a store or registered yet. I already tried Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google+, and Pinterest. But noooo, just massive clicks. 

How would you advise i do this and get results and not just massive clicks all the time. I've tried for two months now and the only thing keeping me going is the fact that i need a new laptop and want to use income generated from being a shopify affiliate to get one.

Oh and please don't just direct me to a website to read some article unless you're going to keep in touch. I've had too many sleepless nights from reading articles.

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Hey Jacob, 

Do you have a landing page set-up so when people click the link they go to a page, can read it, see you as an authority figure that knows his stuff and that should be listened to, then given the option to click your link that you a commission from? 



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