How can I redirect browser searches from my old blog to my new one?

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I had an old blog with a theme that wasn't what I wanted. I created a new blog and transferred all the articles on it. However when I search in a browser for my article there is only the old blog with a dead link going back. How can I make my new blog appear and no longer the old one ? 


thanks for your help

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Can you share your store URL?

Google has already indexed your old blog page. That is why you are still seeing the old page in search.

However, you can block the old blog URL to show on google searches through your Google Search Console account.

Follow the below steps for removal:

1. Login to your store's Google Search Console
2. From the left side admin bar, click on Removals
3. Click on New Request and enter the URL you want to block from Google.


For getting your new blog pages found by google you have to:

> Regularly update the site and add content
> Improve SEO
> Regularly submit sitemap to Google Search Console

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