How can I track landing page sales within an ecommerce platform?

How can I track landing page sales within an ecommerce platform?

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Simply put, we have a landing page on Shopify. Visitors are being driven to it from a specific display ad campaign outside of Shopify. Users come in and click 1 of 2 products to purchase. My question is, how do I track sales from this landing page inside of Shopify? We are tracking visitors of this landing page already in Google Analytics, but cannot see sales of these visitors from Shopify.

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You can use Google Analytics conversion tracking for your checkout.

Tracking orders

Conversion tracking codes, such as a tracking pixel, can be added to your store to track customers purchasing from your store. Tracking codes are typically used on the order status page.

Tracking scripts are provided by a third-party, and are used as a snippet of code in your Shopify admin.


Select your landing page and click “Edit” In the top tabs of your landing page go to “Settings” Scroll down and select “Advanced Options” Paste your tracking code under “Additional code snippets”.

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Hi Roaderick, I got your point that , with Google Analytics we can find visitors per page but not sales per page. 
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