How do I create an eye-catching single product landing page?

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Hi experts, hope you will be fine. After this, I want to get your assistance in creating a single product landing page that would be eye-catching. Please suggest to me the best template for the website store for my econ business.

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I would suggest go for a custom design.


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Hi @Gabriel420

Before using any template, you'd need to know what make a good landing page: 

Check out the shortlist right below: 

  • Big and Catchy Headline - Make sure it’s big, bold and easy to read. Think of your title as the cover of a book. It should precise enough to tell customers what landing page is about and also interesting to grab people's attention and draw them in.
  • Powerful Imagery - A compelling headline combined with stunning imagery taps into the emotional side of your customer in ways that will light a burning desire for them to take action.  
  • Write Concise and Consistent Copy - Use short sentences, bullet points, and mention customer's benefits or value over features.
  • Mobile First Landing Page - Make sure your eCommerce landing page mobile version is simplified
  • Precise, Outstanding Call to action - Avoid generic language such as “click here.” Use power words in your CTA button copy. Choose “my” instead of “your.” CTA is also useful for creating urgency, so add words like “now” or “don’t miss.”
  • Make Your Landing Page Easy To Follow - The more information added, the harder for s to follow so it’s your job to put short and essential information on the landing page.
  • Utilize Urgency - Use countdown clock, timer, limited seasonal products, out-of-stock announcements to urge your users to take action. 
  • Highlight Credibility - Show that you are trustworthy using Reviews, Star rating, Social proof on your landing page.

Here's are a few FREE Landing Pages you can use for your Single Product Store: 

Screenshot (73).png

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