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How do you QA/validate your marketing pages?

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I recently released approximately five marketing pages for a small store. As an engineer, I’m familiar with tools that help monitor backend quality issues (exception tracking, server monitoring etc.), but what do people use to monitor frontend quality? For example, when building marketing pages, how do you ensure:

  • they’re targeting the right keywords, have the right SEO metadata, and have proper title/descriptions

  • pages look correct on different devices?

  • pages function correctly, like broken links, javascript errors, invalid HTML etc..

  • ...

Without a dedicated QA person, what tools do you use to ensure quality?

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There are some paid tools out there (I use SEMrush) that can do regular audits of your site and check for basic SEO issues like tag usage and broken links.

For the more hands on person crawlers like Screaming Frog will manually crawel your site and let you self audit for issues.

I add some Google Analytics tracking code to pick up and report on JavaScript errors.

And always register your site in the Google Search Console and check that for issues.

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