How long does it take to determine if my store is successful?

How long does it take to determine if my store is successful?

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In how much time can I tell if my store is successful or a fail (2 months or more)?

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Hey, @SquareBuy!


Determining the success of one's business depends and varies for every business. Are you able to tell me more about your journey and business thus far? Getting this information from you will help us picture what exactly you are experiencing and can provide help accordingly. 


In the meantime, I have attached some resources for you to help you drive more sales and improve how the store is performing: 



Definitely give these blog posts a review but more importantly, looking to hear back from you and getting a better idea about you and your business.

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It can be determined by the sales/traffic/conversion your store is getting!

And how much you've spent and the duration!

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Hello @SquareBuy,


At least wait for 6 months. Success if you are getting good sales less expense for maintaining your store sales. Your store is failing if you are spending more on ads and getting fewer sales.


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Hope this was helpful and wish you the best with your store.

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Hi @SquareBuy it's very hard to tell an exact number because it's based on many different factors. But we suggest that you should map out a proper financial plan, having both predicted and actual numbers on it. You can plan a short term financial plan (from 3-6 months for example) which includes some main parts you consider playing important roles in your business journey (ads spent, revenue, affiliate cost, etc). You can also track progress, actual number against expected number, then modify if needed. It takes time for you to keep doing and keep changing, till a point where you'll realize if the current business is working for you or not because numbers are quite clearly for you to judge and make decisions.


Hope this helps!

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