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How to add a MailChimp sign-up Form to the Shopify newsletter sign-up footer

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I don't know why I'm having trouble adding my Mail Chimp signup form (to get more info about my subscribers) to the signup tab that's in my sidebar/footer, I'm using the Kindom theme, so it's a sidebar instead of the footer. I've done this process before with Woo, but I can't seem to link the 2 with Shopify, I want to also make sure that when they enter their email address in the sidebar signup that they only need to enter their email address ONCE and their email address will be added to the Mail Chimp signup form once they've been diverted, there's nothing more off-putting for a potential subscriber to have to double handle their email address! 

Can someone please help that's familiar the Kingdom theme, I'm about to go crazy, I have so much to do and I've been stuffing around for about 2 hours on my newsletter...sad I know!


Thanks in advance, Alycia

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