How to correct pricing and shipping issues when dropshipping from Alibaba?

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  1. well at this point I'm stuck so I don't mind Hiring an expert to clarify this for me .
  2. 1.I am stuck on shipment. I need clarification on shipment. 2. I have been importing products from Alibaba and Aliexpress directly to my page but the pricing of the products is totally wrong, as you should know they usually add profit and the profits are too high they end up making something really cheap so expensive. 3. usually you can see a product on Alibaba for 1$ but that same product in the dropshipping section on alibaba will cost 35-40$ so if you including shipping and profit on this it becomes really expensive and nobody will pay so much for something so simple so is it advisable that I just talk to the merchants and the send me the pictures and 3D videos of the products? or should I should just import from the droppishing section on Alibaba and reduce the price? 4. how do I choose my own shipment method and how do I find a fast on and how do I find a sourcing agent? because my goal with this is to supply Africa 


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