How to create an influencer discount code for Instagram promotion?

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I have an influencer who wants a discount code to promote our product on Instagram and then we want to give her a percentage for all the sales she makes from the discount code. What app is the best to use for this kind of marketing? Or is there another solution anyone has found for this? 

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Hi, I think creating a discount code and giving it to the influencer to share with her followers sounds like a solution. I suggest using the influencer’s IG handle or name if multiple discount codes are running simultaneously i.e Hailey5off ( Hailey being the influencer's name and 5 off is the discount being offered). Since you can see how many times a discount code has been used and on which orders, you will know how many sales you have gotten from the influencer's discount code and you can pay her percentage at the end of the work or month, whichever works for you.

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Hey @courtneymardon,


I think upfluence will do exactly what your looking for and more.


There are also a few more options mentioned in our blog post on influencer marketing here.


I hope that helps... 

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Hi @courtneymardon

It's great that you're leveraging influencer marketing to grow your brand. The simplest, safest, most trouble-free way of affiliate marketing is by using an affiliate marketing app that will automate the process for you.

Of course, as @Folake1 mentioned, you could attempt to achieve something similar by simply issuing your influencer(s) with a discount code that they can share with their followers but to really keep track of how many times that discount code was used, you would need access to Sales Reports which are only available on the Shopify plan or higher.

What kind of store are you running? And how are you feeling about it in the run-up to the festive season? Is the affiliate marketing strategy a part of your BFCM preparations?

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