How to find a referral app for tracking ambassador purchases?

How to find a referral app for tracking ambassador purchases?

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Hello, I need to find an affiliate system that allows me:
1) manually then to give discount codes to ambassadors
2) Do not give any discount to end customers.
So what I want to do is track purchases through my ambassadors, and then manually according to my table, give them discounts.
Thank you

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Seems like you've specific requirements and you've to go with the platform which allows customization as per requirements.

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Well then, look no further. You can make use of Dovetale 


Dovetale is Shopify’s all-in-one creator management tool that helps you find new creators, build authentic communities, better manage relationships, and track affiliate sales.


Here is the link for more info on the app, i believe this app would be of good use for you.


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Hi @pit1 You can try
Application allows to configure the referral and affiliate program with customizations where merchants can configure the incentives (either Discount code or direct cashback) for both Referrer and Referral accordingly. For your scenario, you can configure the cashback to be 0. And, issue the discount code manually.
Also, have rich analytics and performance metrics for affiliate or referral programs. Incase of any question you can reach to me.

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Hi @pit1 


You can test Growave's Referral Program for 30 days for free.

1 - Automated process of issuing an award to ambassadors.
2 - Yes, you don't reward end customer. Also, our referral has a useful feature: the ambassador will receive his reward only when the end customer makes his first purchase.

To test Growave for free including reviews, wishlist, loyalty and rewards, referrals and much more under one dashboard, press Growave