How to fix Google Console redirect error for a new website?

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I have recently created a new website on shopify and redirected the old domain to the new shopify one.

However on Google Console i keep getting the Redirect error and it is not indexing.

Old website:

New website:




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I checked the redirection currently and it's working fine. You can try validating them once the new pages are indexed in google.

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Hello @TBS2022,

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Please make sure you removed the Google Search Console domain verification meta tag from the old domain <head> section.

You are getting the redirect errors because of any of the below reasons:

1. A redirect chain that was too long
2. A redirect loop
3. A redirect URL that eventually exceeded the max URL length
4. A bad or empty URL in the redirect chain

Redirect error means that the page could not be accessed by the Google bot because it redirects to a page that doesn't exist or not working.

Try to manually submit the URL for indexing.

1. Open the Google Search Console > Go to your property
2. Click on the INSPECT URL at top
3. Get more details about the errors
4. Click the TEST LIVE URL
5. Fix the error and REQUEST INDEXING
6. Go back and click VALIDATE FIX
7. You will see a Passed message in the validation column if everything is fine

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