How to fix Google Shop Mismatched value (page crawl) [price]?

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Hello, I've activated Google Shopping free product listings from within Shopify, but some products keep getting the Dissaproved status due to Mismatched value (page crawl) [price].

In the Google information it says this is because the price in the feed doesn't match what's on the product page, but I can't see how to fix this since the feed was automatically created. The products have variations with different prices - the first variation is the lowest price, then the second variation is a higher price. The lowest price is the first variation by default in Shopify, but for some reason Google keeps showing the higher variation price, creating the mismatch.

I can't see how to edit the price information in the Google Center dashboard or through Shopify to fix this (i.e. keep the lower price as default). Does anyone know how to do this please?

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@plantingorganic wrote:

I got it fixed, not sure how. I have contacted shopify theme for my website. They were very helpful. They assured me that the code is correct.

I spoke to Google merchant centre. They told me to fix some code in shopify. I went back to shopify. They wrote something back I didn't know what it ment. Too technical for me. I went back to google, told them what shopify said and now it's all fixed. Hmmm


So I have now google account manager since I'm doing paid Google ads. I have weekly free calls helping me optimise my Google account. It's really good to have a google account manager since it is so complex, they just walk you through different setting. 

I also had problem with rejected all items by Google because I didn't have shipping specified in Google merchant. They walked me through it to specify different postage on different products.


I hope this helps

Yep. Just remember that your "account manager" works for Google, not for you. Their mission and objective is to make money for Google, not for your business.

e.g. "Just increase your budget" doesn't always increase performance, "upgrade to broad match" doesn't usually get better traffic and isn't remotely an "upgrade", in my experience.

Take the recommendations in that context and not what's best for your business. Question everything.