How to get more real and active Instagram followers?

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Instagram become more and more popular these days, many people use it from all over the world. Every Instagram users want to have many followers to make their profile popular, and some of them want to have nore followers to do their business, but how to achieve this goal? Today I want to share some methods for you.


1. Create a high quality profile

Make sure that your every post is a high quality one. Make people have interest in your posting. People like beautiful and high quality posts. Only a good page can remain and retain fans to follow your account.


2.Follow and Unfollow

This is the most common methods users always use. Follow some people who have the same interest with you, and every time you follow a user, Instagram system will recommend some similar accounts for you. Follow them, and some of them will follow back. This is a good method to get more Instagram followers.When you reach the limited numbers of following, it is about 7500, you must unfollow some users which do not follow you. There are many tools can help text who do not follow back. Gain more space to follow some one who will follow you, too.


3. Add hot hashtags

This methods can help increase the exposure of you post. Using hot hashtags can make more people see your post when they searching for the tags. Users should choose right and relevant tags. Because one post can use at most 30 tags at a time. Also, try your best to use the hot tags in the top charts. Hot tags will increase the likelihood that your account will be discovered.


4. Get more Instagram followers from a third party

There are many platform can provide Instagram followers. Here I recommend you Getinstafollow, which can provide real and active Instagram followers and likes. Many Instagram users have chosen use it. If you have any need, you can have a try on it.


5. Ask help from your friends and classmates

You can ask help from your friends and classmates, let them follow you and advertise you to their friends and classmates. This also can make more people know you and gain some Instagram followers. But many be the number is very few.


6. Take use of other social methods to promote your Instagram

If you have other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, which already have some users, you can share the link of your Instagram on there, to ask your fans follow your Instagram account.


7. Cooperate with influence users

There are many Instagram users which have millions of followers, you can make a cooperation with them. They have many loyal followers, if they can advertise for you, you can get many followers.Above are some useful methods which can have you gain more Instagram followers. You can have a try.


Above are some methods can help increase Instagram followers, hope it is useful for you~

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As regards following, it is possible to do this automatically, for example, was really useful for me. You can choose your audience through different targeting criteria and get more real Instagram followers. But this works only if you have an interesting and informative account. To tell people a story, to attract their attention - that's a key to success. 

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The recipe is long since known. Be interesting and engaging, comment a lot, like a lot, that's pretty much it. If you're in the run for numbers there's an old algorithm like-like-like-follow. It's simple but extremely effective. Though it takes a lot of time for sure. That's why one can use auto-services which do the same job actually. My favorite is zen-promotion In addition to aforementioned actions, it has powerful geo-search tool, spyntax commenting format and built-in proxies for singing-up more accounts for own purposes.

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As I know there is an option in settings, which allows you to accept or decline new followers. And start filtering already existing ones. If you have some free time doing it of course. Otherwise, use services like It will do the job and will analyze your account for easy future development.  

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Hi Eleanorachi,

Great post there.

But I guess it would't hurt to add my piece, right? You should find this blog useful as well.



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You totally right. But first of all it's content - if it's fresh and in demand, if it's representing actual trends - you gonna boost your account.  But sometimes you need to kick start it in order not to wait too much from the start. For this you might want to use something like getting  Instagram views and after that give this people your very own content.

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Also, don't forget to upload continually those new images to get more followers.

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As for me, the best software for follow/unfollow, like and etc are FollowLiker and Jarvee. I've used both and they worked great.


Also, I recommend to use trending hashtags and try to get to the top posts on the hashtag page. Spend a couple of bucks on Follovery to buy likes and comments every time you publish a new post.


And don't forget to use hashtags in your stories. I've noticed that it can bring a lot of views and new followers for your account.

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