How to identify the language preference of my customers?

How to identify the language preference of my customers?

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I have a multilingual shop and would like to automatically tag my customers based on what language they are visiting my store. All my customers are in the Netherlands, but part of them speaks English and not Dutch.


That would help me add content to the shipping boxes and email marketing in the relevant language to each customer.


I see that if a customer created an account, Shopify send him a welcome mail automatically by the language-page he created the account with, same with many other notifications a customer gets after doing some actions.


My question:

Where can I find information in which language my customer created an account or did the checkout?



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Hello ben1000 i will like to help you out of this  but can i have your store link and which product are you selling on your store 


But for your question about which language your customer use to create account you can get it through check out , or language in shopify but i will like to hear from you so i can see if that help you out