How to improve your e-commerce sales

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Hi everyone,

If you have an e-commerce store then sure you want to know one thing: how to get more sales?!

What I would like to share here is one of the top factors to improve your online sales, by example.

Let's use Sara as an example :)

Sara wants to buy a new dress, she happens to have found your online store from your Instagram posts.

She goes on your website using her mobile phone to browse around.

How easy is it to find the navigation on your mobile website? will Sara get lost finding the dresses section?

Let's say Sara managed to find the dresses section and found a dress she likes but she is not sure about some things:

- Does the dress fit me?
- Do they have it in red?
- What happens if I need to return it?
- How long will it take to arrive?
- Do they even deliver to my location?
- Do I have to pay for shipping? how much?

How easy will Sara find answers to all her questions? remember she is on her mobile device without much screen landscape and even less patience.

Will Sara need to look around for a “Contact Us” page, fill in a form and hear back from you in 1-2 business days? Sara ain’t got time for that.

You want to make it super easy for your website visitors by constantly testing and improving your website based on customer feedback.

Taken from full article here: What are the best ways to increase e-commerce sales?

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

Thank you

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