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How to optimize an e-commerce store?

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A well-designed website and high-quality product images, to an e-commerce site, is like a pretty storefront. Nothing more. To make it rain money, you need to optimize your store.

Just the other day, I bumped upon a store that sold cute colorful flower pots. When I clicked on a pot that I liked, it took forever for the page to load. Finally, when it did, I clicked on the buy button, only to find out that they were only accepting credit card payments. Moreover, there were no trust signals that projected the credibility of the store. So I closed the site for good.

The merchant just lost a sale not because the products weren't good, but because the site was not optimized! Most merchants are so engrossed in making sales that optimizing their store skips their mind.

Check out these 12 ways you can optimize your WordPress e-commerce store to delight users, convert them into customers, re-target users and recover lost sales make more sales -
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Really great blog Pravya Pravin!

Thanks for sharing with us. I personally believe that people don't pay much attention to the 5th point. Multiple payment options should be there.

We provide multiple payment gateway options on our website to pay for the online generated stubs and that is the reason we don't lose our customers.

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I got your problems. I know when we try to buy something online we have to be very careful about bank details. some of the sites have very good stuff but they don't give attention to making a website & security of site that is very painful. I have some points that each site owner have to care about it.

  1. Use Fast and Reliable Hosting
  2. Leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  3. Organize Your Tracking with Google Tag Manager
  4. Prioritize Testing & Optimizing Your Mobile Performance
  5. Use Pop-up Quick View Windows Sparingly
  6. Beware of Excessive Liquid Loops
  7. Decrease Thumbnail Image Size
  8. Ease Up on Homepage Hero Slides
  9. Weigh the Benefits of Installing Another App
  10. Compress and Reduce Images
  11. Minify Your Code Universally
  12. Reduce Redirects and Remove Broken Links

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The eCommerce websites is just like a store and to get more traffic and increase its visibility and popularity you need to optimize your website. Well, the ecommerce website is still a website and need to optimize it in a usual way.  And to optimize your online store there are different ways that you need to follow and increase your Google ranking.


  • Optimize the high-impact pages.
  • Use long-tail keyword
  • Write the unique metadata for every page
  • Use search friendly URLs
  • Optimize the product page
  • Improve usability
  • Mobile friendly
  • Improve page load time.

These are some tricks that you need to implement this may works for you if done properly. Apart from this the eCommerce site conversion is very critical so, it would be best to use the eCommerce web development services to grow your business without any risk and remarkably. There are many online services that help you take your online store to an advanced level.


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