How to optimize TikTok ads for Valentine's Day sales in Germany?

How to optimize TikTok ads for Valentine's Day sales in Germany?

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Hi guys, I have a valentine's day shop for germany and my marketing runs through tiktok ads. It has been running for 7 days and has good values.. the problem is that not so many purchases have come in since Monday (yesterday) and I am worried. I had started with 40€/adspent per day and tested the ads. after I had the winning ads, I increased by 5€ every 3rd day. now I am at 55€ adspent Or increase the budget even more? I know that it's a winning product because before I placed the ads, I had organic traffic on tiktok and the video went viral and brought me 6 buyers.

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So you're spending 55/day and getting what in return? what is the CTR/revenue?

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thanks for your answer. now i get a message on tiktok ads as you can see on the image. 

They wrote: "Suggested budget. Your current budget is below the proposed budget. Adjust it accordingly to complete the smooth running of the campaign."

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There are several factors that can impact the success of your TikTok advertising campaigns, such as the targeting of your audience, the quality of your ads, and the competition for ad space.

Increasing your ad spend may help to increase visibility, but it's not guaranteed to result in more conversions.

I would recommend looking into optimizing your targeting, testing different creative elements of your ads (such as headlines, images, or videos), and potentially testing other advertising channels to see if there are other areas you can improve in.

It may also be helpful to look into seasonal trends and consumer behavior around Valentine's Day to better understand your target audience and how they may be interacting with your product.


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