How to resolve Google Merchant Center product approval errors?

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Hello, apologies if I choose the wrong subcategory to ask my question. 


In Google Merchant Center all my products are "approved". However when I randomly click a product I often see errors like "product title under review" etc. Same goes for Shopify, all of my products are "approved" yet a bunch of them require my attention. How do I fix this? 

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Hi @Bramm 


No need to apologize. You're in the right place for such questions! 


  • For Google Merchant Center: Product title under review usually means Google's algorithms are verifying if your product titles comply with their guidelines. If your products are approved, ensure your titles accurately describe the product and don't contain prohibited details like promotional messages or all caps and you'll be fine.
  • For Shopify: Your products may need attention due to a violation of Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy (maybe copyright issues). So double-check and ensure your products adhere to Shopify AUS.

I hope that this helps!


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This is most likely related to demand gen, does it say that? If yes, and you are not using demand gen, then ignore. Or if it bothers you, then request a review.


The reason you see this, and everyone else is because the bot that detects these issues is flawed, it's a new bot and does not understand context. So some keywords are a false positive.

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Hi @Bramm! Your product is under review by Google Merchant Center, probably because it may have violated one of Google’s Editorial requirements. 


But you can easily solve this. Ensure that your product titles:


  1. Don’t have excessive capitalization. 
  2. There aren’t any missing or extra spaces between words
  3. Avoid unnecessary numbers, letters, or symbols, as well as gimmicky punctuations. This should hopefully resolve the issue.  


And you should be good to go. 


Check the 'Diagnostics' section in your Google Merchant account often to help prevent such errors in the future. It provides detailed issue reporting across items, accounts, and feeds. That way, you can always stay updated and fix these issues promptly. 


You can read Google’s support article on Diagnostics here if you want to learn more.  


Regarding your second concern, related to Shopify products, go through this article on Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy and make sure you aren’t violating any guidelines. That should solve the issue. 


Also, if you continue facing issues with product titles for your Google Shopping feed, I’d recommend checking AdNabu as a possible alternative.


  • It is a product feed management app specializing in Google Shopping Ads. There’s a special feature for generating smart titles for your products using AdNabu’s AI. 
  • These titles are SEO-friendly and keyword-rich so that the visibility of your products is boosted. 
  • The app's smart algorithm also ensures that users are notified before any information is exchanged with GMC in advance to reduce product disapproval rates. 
  • And if you get stuck anywhere, the certified customer support team is ready to help you 24/7. 


I hope this helps! 

Sanjna Lal | Content Marketing Manager @ AdNabu

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