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How to send discount codes from mailchimp automation

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I have a few mailchimp automations to set up (birthday discount, abandoned cart, etc). I can't seem to figure out how to send discount codes in these emails though. Does anyone know how to acheive this? 

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First, you'd need to create your discount code using Shopify. Here's a nice tutorial for that:

Second, you need to add the discount code in the link and have the discounts auto-apply when a customer enters your store from the links.

You can achieve this using an app and then appending `?discount-code=YOUR-CODE` to the URLs that you send.

That will do one of two things:

- If the customer already has items in their cart, the coupon will be applied and a success message will show the discount amount.

- If the cart is empty, the app will attempt to apply the coupon once the customer adds something to their cart.

The coupon application would happen on any page which displays either the app's standalone discount field or the app's discount coupon cart summary.

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There are two steps involved in sending contact discount codes; you can add coupon codes to your list and send coupon codes to your contacts.


Step 1: Enter coupon codes in your Mailchimp list

  1. Generate your codes in your Shopify.
  2. Send Mailchimp list contacts.
  3. In the CSV Subscriber file posted above, delete all columns except the email address (this will speed up import).
  4. Create a new column in a CSV file called, e.g., discount code.
  5. Enter a coupon code for each contact in the discount code column.
  6. Import a CSV file containing your email addresses and coupon codes to your Mailchimp list. When you import, you will need to create a new import column for your discount code.
  7. You will now have a coupon code associated with your contacts in your Mailchimp list.

Step 2: Sends coupon codes to your Mailchimp subscribers

Now that the coupon codes are in your Mailchimp list, we can send a different code to each contact. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new Mailchimp campaign.
  2. In the design phase to build your campaign, add a combined code tag for your list when you want a different code to be displayed.
  3. View and submit your campaign.

Each subscriber will now receive an email message with a corresponding coupon code.


Sending a discount to new subscribers is a good way to welcome potential clients!

We hope it was useful. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reply.