How to set up tiered discounts for loyal customers on Black Friday?

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We're trying to set up an early access page for Black Friday deals. The issue is that we want to discount existing products by varying amounts (product A gets 25% off, product B 40% off product C is 50% off, etc) for only a specific set of loyal customers who have purchased from us at least 6 times. The rest of our customers who haven't purchased 6 times should still see the regular price on the store. 


I know how to set up a collection page as well as set up a broad store discount. Is the best way to accomplish the above to create an "amount off products" discount for each individual product/it's respective discount... and make the discount available only to specific customer segments? And then add all of those products to a collection page?


We have multiple Shopify instances with about 50-60 products we want to add to this Black Friday early access sale, so I'm trying to avoid all of that manual work if possible. 


Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks

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It might be easiest to use an app for the holiday season.

Especially because many (all?) Discounts generated by the native platform "can’t combine with other discounts". 


LMK what you end up going with or did you find a way around the stacked discounts and I misread your post?

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Hi Krozier, did you find any solution for this? I'm looking how to tackle exactly the same issue on early access to sales or black friday.