How to start & launch PPC Google ads for newly website

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I am a certified in Google search ads , You Tube ads , Display ads , Mobile ads & Shopping ads . Google Analytics. I have been in this domain since from last 5 years, having core knowledge on Google PPC campaign.


How to start from pitch ? here is the step to follow

Set up Google ads account as well as Analytic account from the same Google id. Link with Google Analytics and search console.


Implement conversion tag on the your website to track conversion in Google ad words platform - this includes all your contact parameters - contact us, inquiry form, chat & phone call tracking.


Keyword Management - Keyword research find relevant keywords from keyword planner tool , keyword optimization, remove non relevant keywords from search term and add them to negative list this will minimize your spend on keywords which is not related to your business or service.


Keyword match type - it should better to have broad modifier, phrase & exact 


Set up campaign make sure set up one ad group for each service / product The keyword should be relevant to ad copy and the description.


Its always recommended to create at least 3 ad copy per ad group with keyword insertion option.set a path relevant to your keyword in you landing page.


create site link extension this includes your other services/ product, contact number , your physical store address [ if exist ] and call to action in structure snipped .


Yeah coming back to geography / location part its always recommended to target city & area's apart from the region/ country this will help us to optimize the campaign more efficiently in order to reach the goal.


Please make a note keep the campaign in slandered mode so that the budget of the campaign will not exhausted in starting few hours and it will continue to run entire the as you set the timing.


Start any campaign with lower budget and see the volume how its performing , what keywords is working for you then scale up the campaign by optimizing various parameter like keyword , bid , competitor bid location , device , gender.


Start your bid with manual cpc for first 2 month and, later after 2-3 month keep the bid strategy to Maximum conversion by this time google will have your campaign data history and, using this data Google algorithm will scale up the campaign more efficiency.


Hope this help if any concern leave your comment or let me know here -


Monitor your campaign closely , optimized it on the basis of conversion. every day.

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