How to use geolocation redirects without hurting SEO?

How to use geolocation redirects without hurting SEO?

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What is the correct SEO way of redirecting customers to other websites based on their IP? We currently have 2 websites, one is for brazil and one is for other latin america . The 2 website are different aside from language, the other website only show few products because we got only few license for brazil. It also have different theme.  

My method of redirecting is using geolocation API, detecting user IP then if it is brazil, then show pop up asking them that there is a brazil website available and ask if you want to proceed or stay. 

Just want to ask what should we do for its SEO if it will have a negative impact on our websites.

Thank you

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I think it'll bring good impact to your SEO, since doing this will decrease the bounce rate, meaning good on page SEO.
if you instal google analytics, you'll see the bounce rate, etc.


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When a website is having different languages, then we prefer to have different URLs with hreflang tags, which helps Google to identify the local version of the website in that area. you dont need to use pop-up too, coz, it will show the local version in SERP by default.


If you are using just a API, which just change the language of website, when user visit, and you are not using the hreflang tag, then you are just entertaining the user who is landed to your website, but not helping Google to show your website, when someone is searching your business-related queries in local languages. 


let's suppose if you are translating your website into the Portuguese language for the IPs coming from Brazil, then it means, you are showing pop-up to those Brazilian users who are doing searches in English, rather than in the Portuguese language. 

If you start using hreflang tag, then Google will automatically start ranking and showing your Brazilian version of the website to those users who are searching in the Portuguese language and the English version to those, who are searching in English, whether they are from Brazil or they are from America. 


I hope, you got my point. 

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