I am a beginner please help me out

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Hello, My name is jack and my friend and I Keith started this for our first time after watching a couple of videos on youtube. We are having imense trouble of getting a sale and i think i know why, but to be honest we have no money so I was wondering if anyone could help me out or even give me some tips is much apprecatied. Also if you dont mind checking out my website and telling me what i can do better and please do not sugur coat anything. Again thank you for you time and effort. 


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Hi Jack, I visited your website. I would suggest choosing a brighter theme as your website does seem a bit gloomy to me. Secondly, you did not mention how much traffic you are getting. If you are not using Google Analytics, I strongly suggest you do so. 

If you figure out that you are getting a decent amount of traffic and still there are no sales, it may be because you are attracting the wrong kind of traffic on your site. You may have to invest in Facebook marketing to get a more targetted reach and valid traffic. 

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Hi Jack:

I would suggest changing the design of your website. It does not look attractive for the customer, maybe is better if you choose a white background instead of black.

You should also start investing on marketing, otherwise you will not get traffic (no traffic = no sales)

You can start with Google Adwords or Facebook ads, but first make sure to redesign your website first!



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Hey Jack,

It is extremely important to drive traffic to your store especially just after it's launch because that's how you can improve your SEO. Some basic content such as about us page is extremely important. Read this for tips on writing about us page.

You have to have a presence over social media where you can post and engage with your potential customers on a regular basis.

In terms of reach, Instagram is the way to go (it has a reach of 7.5% compared to 2% in facebook). You can post regularly and engage with your potential customers.

Orangetwig's Instasuccess toolkit minimizes the time and effort required to mantain your Instagram.

1) With Hashtag research tool you can find the hashtags suited for your post and reach out to a very specific audience. This increases your chances of sale.

2) Regram and Comment with just a click and engage with the people who are most likely to buy from you.

3) Make all your posts clickable with orangetwig. This again boosts the chances of sales.

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Hope this helps.

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