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I'm not in google search, why?

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I guys, I have opened my shop online two days ago... but I have a question. Why If i search "shop streetdress" in google, or my web site, dont result in google search? Thank you so much

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I wouldn't expect it to for "shop streetdress" if you type "shopstreetdress" you're there.

Shop and streetdress are two separate keywords.

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Thank you so much!!

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Couple of things here you want to consider.

1) You are sandboxed. Google places all brand new websites into a "sandbox," which is similar to a probation period until you show that you're a quality website and not providing spammed content. Your site will not appear for any keywords for a few months.

2) Your site has not been crawled by Google. Go to Google and enter this -> site:shopstreetdress.comThis will show you all pages that Google has indexed from your site, and right now there are none. The SERP (search engine result page) will ask you if your're the owner of the website. Go ahead and click on the link and setup Google Webmaster. This will allow you to take better control over your site, submit a sitemap, and force a Google crawl, among many other things.

3) Give it some time. Google has you on the backburner right now and you won't be seeing any "organic traffic" soon. Use this time to develop a marketing and SEO strategy.

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Best of luck!

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Your indexed now (about 30 pages) and showing up for shopstreetdress.You will find it a lot harder to showupon searches outside your relatively unique term shopstreetdress. Seperate out the word shopand there are a lot of websites with more relevance and authority that will get in the topofthose results.

Your homepage has litteraly no unique text. Not even your brand name which isonly used in the footer. That means it provides Google with nothing to rank it for. A big waste of oportunity.

You have another blank pahe that calls itself home:

I'd get ridof that.

The name of the game is unique textual content. Add ittoyourhome page,collection pages and most importantlyproduct descriptions. If yousay something unique,yougive Google a reason to rank you.

Register your site with the Google Search Console.Make sure you register usinh https:/www. There Google will provide you with more information on how you are being indexed and are ranking.




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link wth google addsence and google general store