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I rebranded. What am I missing?

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I took a branding course and then gave my shop a complete makeover. I made a list; SEO, social networks, CTA's, Opt in generator. It's better...but I still feel like I'm missing something.  

Any feedback would be most appreciated.


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Hi Beryl,

Nice site, how long ago did you rebrand and how are things comparing to the previous site?


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The branding looks great. I do like it

THe "such and such" page is a bit of a vague collection. Too much of a catchall. Perhaps change the name or flesh out a few better categories for these products. Having a full selection of pet products may do you better.

Optimize your images. they are taking a long time to load on my current connection (which at the moment is slow) but it is loading slower than a lot of other stores / pages.

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