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Instagram ads not running on Instagram

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Hello, hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction with a "you fool, it's this button that you didn't click!". As of right now I have been running a few facebook ads, but have noticed they haven't been showing on Instagram. Yes, I do have instagram selected as a placement. I have tried switching to automatic, I have tried just having the ads on Instagram alone (and they wouldn't publish). I'm not sure why this is happening. The post I am using is one originally posted on instagram, so I can't imagine formatting is the issue. If anyone has any insights, I'm all ears.


TLDR - Facebook ads not posting to Instagram when instagram is selected as placement

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It could be a problem with how the ad is being constructed. If you want to only show an Instagram post as sponsored or would like to only display to Instagram audiences, I would try going through the Instagram app, making sure your Instagram is a business profile, and hitting the "Promote" button that appears on these posts. This may make it easier to get the post approved and running as an Instagram ad. 


In the Facebook Ads manager, it should always give a reason if the ad is rejected from a certain placement. However, it could be that the ad itself just isn't displaying. If you are setting the spend and the type of engagement and any number of other factors, then it could be that Facebook is just winning the bid and that maybe you don't have your ad competitively priced for Instagram. Also, if you have it set to any type of smart learning outcome, where Facebook can display the ad to the most successful audience, then the ad might not display because Instagram wasn't your most successful audience. 


Good luck!