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Instagram followers are just business accounts

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Hello, I'm starting a new men's fashion store called Dapper Society and before I'm going to launch it, I want to build some following on social media first, particularly Instagram. So I started an Instagram account for my business and for the last couple of days, I've been posting and posting with many hashtags in each post. I was quite happy as I got many likes in each of my post(20-50) and I gained around 35 followers in just the first few days of creating the Instagram account. However, as I looked at my followers and the people who liked my posts, many if not all of them are just business accounts trying to get attention or for me to follow them back. I'm pretty sure this is normal for many Instagram business accounts but I want to know how I can gain followers that are real people or customers. My Instagram is dapperssociety.

Main Question: How can I gain Instagram followers that aren't just business accounts but normal people/customers?

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You can go for sites like: and search for instagram followers or targeted audience. Anyway it's not guaranteed you'll get buyer or shoppers because it's just mixed followers, unless you run paid campaign and produce your products for sale.

Happy shopping 🙂

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linkr allows you to run product focused influencer campaigns that (amongst other goals) can be targeted at increasing followers for your own Instagram profile.

Give it a shot!

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There are many ways for you to get Instagram followers:

  1. post interesting and high-quality photos and videos
  2. add hashtags in your post, and you have used this method
  3. ask your friends and families to follow you and recommend you to their friends
  4. follow and unfollow, follow more people and they will follow back
  5. cooperate with influencers
  6. promote your account on other social media
  7. like and comment others' posts
  8. hold an activity to invite others to follow you

There are also many other ways to get Instagram followers, you can even buy Instagram followers from a reliable company. However, you should ensure that all the followers are real people with high-quality profiles. 

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Hey Erich,

Liking and commenting on the posts of the people who are your potential customers will help you build real followers who would shop from your store. It's a lot of work but this will increase the engagement on your profile. Instasuccess toolkit will help you as you can regram and comment with just a click.

Try making instagram posts clickable. This will boost your sales. Also make sure that you use the right hashtags for your posts. Research hashtag tool will let you find the right hashtags. Your potential customers will see what you post and ultimately help in getting more sales.

Posting frequency needs to be consistent. Once a day works fine. Also, apart from posting just the product pictures, posting related content would also help you in getting following.

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Hi Erich, 

If you need Organic Followers on your insta profile. Then the very first step which you should take is to find your competitors and then you can follow them. You can then follow the same people which are following them by this way you can target the same audience which your competitors are targeting, has acquired them all as there users. 

I hope this answer will help you to find more followers on insta. Its a preety common strategy which everyone is following nowadays. 

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Hi Erich,

There are a few areas of marketing that can be implemented in growing your Instagram following: organic growth through content, paid ads and Influencer marketing. For the first strategy, you should research hashtags that would get you onto explore and most popular sections, instead of the top used hashtags as those bring nothing but bots to your page. Secondly, you should have a strong content calendar that conveys your brand. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any more questions about your social media strategy!