Is it better to draw traffic before selling in store?

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Mağazada stoksuz satış yapıyorum . Mağazamda satış yapmadan trafik çekmem mantıklı mı yoksa ürünlerimi tek tek test mi etmeliyim?


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Thank you very much for your reply. My products are not finished, but my target audience is driven by shopping from better known or known sites. I don't want to change my target audience. I want to do as you said, but I couldn't figure out exactly which values ​​are showing on my site where I listen to facebook. That's why I was undecided about traffic. website.




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Hi Birkann,


Something worth considering as you continue your journey to getting your products online is working on your SEO. This is a game of patience and consistency, so getting a head start early on can be really helpful as you begin selling.


A great way to boost the SEO of your store is to have consistent, high-quality and optimized blog posts. This gives the search engine crawlers more content to index and shows activity on your storefront.


Blog Pilot automates the blog post creation and management process for you, posting once per week automatically. We offer a free trial as well!


Happy to answer any questions you might have about blogging and SEO. Feel free to reply to this comment or shoot us a message directly!

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