Is the 'Thrive with Shopify' program a scam or legitimate?

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I have received an email inviting me to enrol for the ‘Thrive with Shopify’ e-commerce online program. Apparently it is free to be a part of it but you have to enter your details.

Only thing is, I’m not sure whether it’s a scam or real thing - the email it has come from is :-


is this legit?




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I have not heard of this in fact if you have doubts I would delete it but hopefully someone here will respond officially.

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It doesn't seems legitimate!

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Hi @wendyomalley 


I understand you received an email that looks to have originated from us, but you are weary about it potentially being a scam.


First of all, well done for being so vigilant! It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution with any emails you receive, especially ones that require you to enter details. The sender email address you mentioned sounds OK, so that itself wouldn't be a cause for concern. However, as I mentioned it's a good idea to be cautious. 


In the footer of some Shopify emails, there will be a hash that starts with Shopify.MailID - can you confirm if your email has this? Before deciding to click any links or enter in any information, feel free to reach out to our support team using this link and we can examine this email on your behalf first.


Are there any links in the email that you are being asked to click? Before clicking them, you can hover your mouse cursor over the links and in most browsers you can see the link URL in the lower left-hand corner. You can also right click the link and copy/paste the URL to see its contents. Do the links look legit? Are they pointing to genuine Shopify locations?


You can also check how the email is worded and laid out on the page. Some things to look out for include the following:


  • Are there any grammar or spelling errors?
  • Does the email contain unusual wording for our products?
  • Does the email contain consequences or actions that Shopify would never recommend?
  • Is the email overly generic, including terms such as "Dear Customer"?


We have some helpful information in our Help Center all about protecting your account against phishing which I would highly recommend checking out. If you haven't already done so, then enabling two-step authentication on your account is a very good idea to help make it more secure. Two-step authentication provides an extra layer of security on the off-chance someone other than you attempts to log in to your account.


Rick | Shopify 
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