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Is this a perfect selling strategy?

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1. Find a niche

2. Find a product for that

3. Build a page

4. Try Instgram Shoutouts

5. Facebook Ads

Please name yours)

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Yes, sounds good. I would also add

2 1/2 - check what competitors are doing, what other similar products are on the market and at what price [competitor research]

2 3/4 - check who's your target audience, and which platforms they are using [customer research]

This way you know you have a USP and you know who's your target audience, which makes the marketing stage then easier and more profitable. 

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Hello Vasily Vaisman, 

Your strategy sounds good. However, a few things to chip in.

With regard to products, you want to ensure that they are not the types that will stay on the shelf for long. Your target audience should also have an influence on what kind of products you'll go in for.

Lastly, make good use of positive customer reviews; it's an easy way for new visitors to trust your brand.

Hope this helps,