Literally No traffic

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Been open just 2 weeks today. Today I’ve had 6 people visit my website. I’m at a loss tbh.

I’m new to this - am I supposed to pay for every click to my website through marketing? When I take part in Facebook advertising (recently did a 5 day advert for £60) I get up To 50 sessions but no sales.

I don’t have the cash flow to pay so much money on marketing.

Am I trying to run before I can walk?

I dunno... my site is if there are any experts out there I’d love some support 😞
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@Sama1403 the site looks great - love those products, I'm a huge Neal's Yard fan 🙂


I'm afraid 'build it and they will come' doesn't apply when it comes to online retail.  I think too many people give the impression it's as easy as that, but unfortunately it's not...  the quick start is, yes, to do paid traffic, either google Ads or FB/Instagram ads but as you say it's not always an option, especially if you don't have the knowledge to make sure it hits the ground running.


From what I can see on your about page, you have an existing customer base from doing markets?  I would start by reaching out to them if you can and letting them know you have a brand new shop so they can still buy from  you.  Be relentless posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram, don't worry about posting too much, you can't - remember FB only shows it to a few of your followers.  Get friends and family to share your site with their friends and family, anything to spread to word about it.


Above all, be personal, share your story, particularly locally as I think a lot of people at the moment are preferring to support local retailers rather than the big nationals. 


Don't know how helpful that is but hopefully it's given some ideas.  You can do it!


Good luck



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This reply was so uplifting and encouraging - Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me.

I’ll keep chipping away and spreading the word.

I can do this! I have big dreams - eventually having my own brand of products with my logo on...

Let’s do this! 🙂