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Looking for help with marketing and trafic

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a Tableware and Jewelry designer, working on my special collection for over 10 years now.

We have been investing a lot in our store, SEO and SMM, paid advertising etc...but still having hard time increasing our traffic and conversion (an average of 18 visitiors a day)

I know that I'm biased...but our products are very unique and high quality ones.

Please visit us at: and share any advice or feedback you can think of.

Will also be happy to get any referal for a proffessional that can drive trafic

Realy need help here



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Seo: I don't see much backlink been build to any of your main product pages. I check ahref and seen that majority of the search term people use to find your website is currently below the first page. 



Seo: Focus on one main search term that have over 2,000+ search and grab 1st position for that search term. The intial traffic from ranking #1 will create the intial traffic needed to skyrocket your word of mouth and social shares.

Quick Note:

If you want to discuss seo traffic methods or need my help.. Just email me:

PS: Great Website!

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Good job, Doron!

What you really need - is traffic from Instagram.
​All last researches and my own experiense show that it has maximum convertion rate + high-class staff demand

​Should I reffer myself?))

Instagram and Periscope traffic expert Feel free to write me: skype: Nick.Lobanov WAp & Viber: +7 913 780 4563 e-mail:
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I'm going to expand on Doron's point, and make a further suggestion.

Be wary and cautious when hiring SEO services, as flood of poor quality backlinks won't do your site any good.

A solid SEO would also advise you to invest heavily in great content which features your buying/interest keywords for your ideal customer, and focus on building links to that.

These links are a lot easier to get organically than links to to product pages. 

You have a perfect product for a solid content marketing campaign. Below I've outlined a sideways cross channel strategy that works very well for me and my clients.

The read magnet: How To Drive Traffic, Build Your List, AND Improve Your Ranking

1. Create a super helpful, valuable, interesting post which focuses on one of your main keywords. Write long form content, 1500+ words, add several SEO optimised images. 

2. Create a content upgrade or otherwise very compelling email offer. Serve to article readers in a pop up about 30/60 secs after they land on the page. If they've read that long, they're somewhat engaged/interested.

3. Create an automated email follow-up sequence to deliver your download/pdf/coupon etc, and start to build the relationship. I call this the indoctrination email, and there are several key parts to it.

Considering the first email gets on average a 50% open rate, too many businesses ignore how important it it.

4. Set up your custom audience Facebook pixel over on your website 

5. Create ads that retarget those visitors custom audience visitors

** I'd also invest in a low cost FB like campaign to try and get your FB page likes up to about 10k, then start to target ads to your FB fan page audience.

This may seem like a round about way, as apposed to using ads for the straight conversion, but it's also how I'ved used FB marketing to help me rank my content. It's also more successful with products that are over a certain price and are not really impulse purchases.

More viewers + low bounce rate + social signals all help, and shouldn't be ignored purely in favour of backlinks.

Anyway, know that was long, but hope it helps. Let me know if anything is confusing.

Stacey Brazen (Periscope marketingmasterclass)  (Influencer marketing masterclass

Actionable, affordable, marketing strategies that work. Stacey Herbert
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when you choose the chanel to promotion,
it is also a question of your budget.

Bad news! Most start-ups can not afford themselves to pay studios for SEO.
Good news - for your market there is a lot of free or almost free marketing channels.

This is a good forum to compare them.

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Thank you Nick,

There are plenty on and upwork from indea and other countries.

We need to find a good one but at a low cost.

Do you know any?



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Thanks Stacy.

We have already created interesting posts which focuses on our main keywords and created backlinks.

Can you help us with the rest of your seggestions?


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Hey Doron, you can find my details below, but the best thing to do is usually book in a time for us to have an informal chat.

You can talk me through where you are (now), and where you'd like to be? then... we'll see if I'm able to assist you with that in anyway.

Here's my calendar:


Hi! I’m Stacey Brazen. I teach new and aspiring online store owners how to generate more credibility, visibility and customers, with actionable, affordable, marketing strategies that work.

Group coaching | 1-2-1 coaching | business consulting | done-for-you marketing services

Visit the website at Brazen Profit Lab, or contact me at:

New store owner? Read this - How to start an online boutique. Part one | Part two

Love & hustle

Stacey Brazen

Actionable, affordable, marketing strategies that work. Stacey Herbert
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Hey Doron,

Excellent jewelry! Absolutely beautiful, it's definitely not for lack of creativity and quality.

In terms of traffic there are a lot of ways to drive it. I personally advise my clients away from SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc., simply because they are just another tax on a start-up brand. If you're only getting 18 visitors a day, shut them off, you're just spending money for the sake of it.

Here are a couple of tips:

1. Your products look awesome on social media, but when they're displayed on a white background on social media people disregard them as product images. You need to do something fun with lifestyle images to set your brand apart.

2. How many retailers are you in? If it's less than 50 it's time to hit the streets, by a rule of thumb I have my clients go out twice a week with their product and go into as many stores as they can in 8 hours.

3. How many publications are you in? Write a press release and send it to every small newspaper in your area, then in your city, then your state, etc., never stop, you should be sending out hundreds. 

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Scott Luscombe

Scott Luscombe 905-550-5023
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Hi Doron.

I am not from India, but that is statistics for the first month of my shop.
All of the traf comes from Instagram 

For February I'm going to get 5000 + unic visitors.

Let's get in touch by Skype. Mine is Nick.Lobanov.
Will be glad to help you!

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Stacey Herbert great suggestion am agree with you ..

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Hi Doran,

There is a lot of ecommerce hype out there, much of it coming from people who prey on companies with underperforming stores. I can tell you from building our own 7-figure product business that relying on ecommerce alone is a long shot when building a brand. Most of the successful brands I know, including our own ( had to explore multiple channels including wholesale and distribution to really build a viable long-term business. What ecommerce consultants generally don't tell you is that selling off line can be one of the best ways to grow online sales, especially in the jewelly/fashion space. In fact many large "online" fashion brands are now opening retail locations! (warby parker, bonobos, frank and oak).

The good news is that, because you produce your own products, you have a lot more options. Get out there and talk to potential sales reps, retailers and distributors! they'll give you unbiased feedback on your products - unlike the anonymous traffic of an online store. 

Of course, selling offline brings up larger business questions like maintaining healthy margins and finding good reps and/or retailers. I cover this on my blog

But coming back to strictly online marketing, we have seen good results from facebook ads in combination with retargeting. If you do want to test this further I'd suggest you play with your audience settings in Facebook's ad manager and make sure that you have a retargeting service set up so that you can continue marketing to those that visit (we use - but Google Adwords has one too). If you want to see a list of strategies we use to drive online sales, I have an article on that which you can read here. ;

SoYoung has also grown a strong instagram following - which has been our main social channel. However I believe instagram will soon be going the way of Facebook with a "pay for reach" model. 

Hope that helps!


I co-run and share my experience in building a 7 figure brand at
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Hey there! 

There are a lot of things that you can do. I actually outline what we did for one of our clients here: 

Hopefully it helps you out!


David Caron

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Hey Doron,

To expand on some of the other comments- you have amazing looking product, but when it's shot on a white background it looks like a commodity product. Shooting a product (especially ones as beautiful as these) in an environment tells a story, and creates a brand. My company has been working with quite a few brands to solve that problem. Once we have a great looking brand with a real story to tell, engagement (primarly through social media) tends to go upward fairly quickly. 

Check out our site- and feel free to ping me on skype if you'd like to chat- kellisandrum

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A little off-topic - but your site is excellent.  

Can I ask which Shopify Theme it is...or is it custom.  Thank you.  Binoy

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Thanks Scott,

You are right, we need to have more lifestyle images

As far as the stores-I have already tried many times walking in cold.

The problem we are facing is that our quality is very high. Some say even much higher than Tiffany’s. But, we don't have a known, established brand name yet as tiffanys so selling is not an easy task for us. 

We have visited stores 30-40 miles close without much success.

Most of the moms and pops tableware and jewelry stores are closing down because of the big chainstores and of the e-commerce.

Again, as far the design, is a matter of taste- you either like it or don't.

Our quality is the highest achievable with these types of materials. Hence, this kind of quality also requires relatively higher level of prices.

To summarize, we have a unique design and high quality and therefore higher price point, a compelling unique design philosophy but no known brand name.

We also got nice reviews on importnat publications as you can see on our site

So, our goal is to break this vicious cycle of quality, design and prices Vs. anonymous brand

Our last years effort concentrated on e-commerce and social media. We have made some progress but it is far from our dream

I’ll be very thankful for any advise



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Hello Jeremy,

I have done few campaigns of FB and played with the parameters and also retargeted them using Adroll.

Your blogis very. I've tried to contacting you there.

Please add your contact info


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Hi, Doron!

I can help you with Traffic and conversion. I'm a Marketing Manager and a Conversion Rate Optimization specialist.

Please check my profile if you want help to grow your business.

With a some tests we can find the best traffic sources for you and increase your conversions.

This is one Jewelry Shopify store we redesigned from zero to achieve better conversions:

Best regards, Rodrigo.

Ps: My email is

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ok so you say how your brand can be even better than Tiffany. This could very well be true. But let your potential customers beleive that!

Post a blog and I beleive you can legally compare products and use the tiffany keyword, just double check US laws.

For example, create a blog post like

Title" Merdinger VS. Tiffany"

this way, people that you want to target ( people already buying and can afford tiffany will find your post via search)

I think FB has this option that you can advertise to people that "like" a certain brand to thing.

Advertise to those people if you can and create a campain like " want new desings with unique high qulaity flare?"


Good LUCK!

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@Stacey Herbert What is a "custom audience Facebook pixel?"