Looking for ideas - need more organic traffic

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So here's my situation report (sitrep):  selling T-shirts that are niche themed.  My avatar / target market are US Navy/ US Marine Corps veterans.  I stay away from the licensed designs and I have about a dozen or so general designs that are selling.  I just hit 120 sales a couple days ago.  Store opened on Jan 1.

I have used google smart shopping, FB ads and pinterest.  Have gotten sales on all of them, but cost effective.  Paying $15+ to make a $9 margin isn't a great business strategy -- well unless a LOT of your customers turn into repeat buyers, then it works out over time.

I get the blog post model, and keyword research to target topics with search intent.  That could work, but I'm really struggling to think of those topics.

One goofy thought:

Maybe just go live on streamyard, and run videos right to our FB page, our instagram channel, and our (basically empty) You Tube Channel?  I mean, why not?  But what to talk about?  Make it a chronicle of the trials and tribulations of me, purveyor of relatively cool t-shirts and hoodies? 

I think I'd much rather make it about my customers - maybe I could highlight what those guys are doing... one guy here in Texas ordered 3 t-shirts, and wanted to return one.  Said sure, send it.  He did and refunded him.  No issues.  Package arrived on Monday, and he's an author.  Wrote a book about being a backseat RIO in an F4 in Vietnam.  I thought, hey, how cool would that be?  Maybe I could get the guy on a zoom call or something?  Then yesterday it hit me that there could but dozens of guys out there that have some something interesting with their lives since leaving the service.  This one guy wrote a book, what have others done?  Who else is doing something entrepreneurial?  Who is living overseas somewhere?  Who is actually doing something with their skills learned in the service?  What other angles can I come up with...

This would probably not be all that interesting, except maybe to OTHER veterans, which are my target audience anyway.  And it would definately be cost effective.

Hell, failing that, I could just spend my limited marketing dollars on ordering regular shipments of one-off tee shirts and hoodies, and just show them.  Do this once a week or so, get a set cadence in place so that the algorithms like me, and just see what happens. 

What are other people doing to create good quality content?  Something fun, something useful, something entertaining, something that solves a problem for somebody - whatever.  Not looking for the short-cut easy-button (I'm pretty sure there just isn't one) but they tell me that success leaves clues.  Who has some clues they can share?


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