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Looking to collaborate with a blogger

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I am interested in working with a blogger to get quality content for my site and in return promoting their blog. I would like to get them to review my product/s in a blog post which I will give to them. I'm in the health/fitness industry selling my own line of supplements. 
My next step is to increase quality content on my site for better SEO. My question is I'm using a low-end ecommerce platform until I get enough profit to afford shopify so I'm not sure how to integrate a blog into a wesbite page? If I just link to their blog this will not help with having quality content on my site right?
My other question is how would I go about searching for a blogger to work with in my niche? Just emailing those with current blogs or is there somewhere to advertise?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Cameron, 


Just open up google and search for health bloggers, fitness bloggers etc etc.

Or you can use Instagram, and search for fitness related hashtags and find companies, bloggers, influencers and drop them a DM with your value proposition. 

Same goes for twitter, just vet their sites to make they are getting enough traffic to them to make it worth you having your product on there. 

If you link to another site, this doesn't add the content to yours, what platform are you using? It will just be the sake of setting up the blog on your domain. 



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