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Low traffic volume for a jewelry store

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I have a online jewelry business and we just recently launced a new website on shopify ( Since we launched it about 2 weeks ago, our traffic has been low expcet the first week, that's because we posted our new website on Instagram, so our followers checked out our new website, but since then the volume is just around 10 visitors a day, and a lot of them are from social media. 

Here are the things we have done from marketing perspective:

1. Some SEO work to include the key words in the tile, content, picture titles and ATL.

2. Social media: We are currently pretty active on Instagram (about 5k followers) and Facebook

3. Social media influncer & brand ambassador: We just started reaching out the social media influncers and ask for shout-outs by giving a piece of free jewelry ( 10+ people reached so far)

4. Tried FB ad promotion, had the website clicks, but no purchase. Haven't tried google adwords given the small budget. 

Can anyone take a look at my wesbite and see if there is any improvement I can do to grow the volume? Any suggestions are welcomed! 




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Hey Liang! 

Dave here from  the Guru Team 🙂 

I've taken a look at your site and things look great, some really nice pieces! Also reading through the steps you've already taken I think that there are ways that we can grow on what you've already implemented to help boost these sales and visitors. 

What we need to do is target this a bit more, first and foremost if looking at improving your SEO then there is a fantastic app called SEO Manager which can really help with focusing your SEO and getting up there in the rankings. 

Now the next step is utilising your already strong social media presence. While Google Ads could be a good route to go I think you're entering into quite a crowded search market for Jewelery. Instead - retargetting could be a great way to go with this. Have a read of this blog post  for more information on retargetting and it's benefits. 

Finally some great apps to help with your Social Media are: 

 - Kit  - which can really help with targetting your advertising to get a better ROI on your advertising budget. 

  - RetargetApp to help with retargetting. 

I hope this helps point you in the right direction to help boost things up! 

All the Best, 
Dave | Shopify

Dave | Shopify 
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Hi Liang,

Since you've started some SEO I would recommed you focus on Off Page Optimization strategies now. Build blacklinks that are relevant to your niche to help boost your site authority and ranking in search pages. 

We offer Off Page Optimization packages at SEO Doctor. You can email me grace[at] you are interested.




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Hi Liang!:

I´ve checked your store, and i think that it is really nice, it´s clear and easy to navigate! If you have tried Facebook ads, but it is not working, maybe you should try running Google Adwords, maybe it can help you driving the right customers to your store in order to start getting conversions. If you are interested, we can make and run your Adwords campaigns, create customized banners, Remarketing campaigns... All for free! We are a professional Adwords team, recognized by Google as Google Partners!

Check out our free app!:

For any question you may have, do not hesitate and contact me!

Best regards

Rodrigo Munoz

Marketing Department of Clever Ecommerce.

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Hi Liang,

Great to see your store up and running! Personally I thought you have a pretty good-looking website. 

Just a few things that you can surely improve upon:

- Your banner images look good but the overlaying text gives little insight into what your brand means! "We, Create Style" sounds a bit too generic a message to me. I think you can do well, thinking of something more creative and captivating to hold the visitor's attention as soon as she opens the website.

- Ensure that social follow buttons in the footer open in the new tab instead of the same one. 

- Would suggest you to provide a smoother channel of communication for your visitors to get in touch with you. Do consider adding on-site chat or FB messanger for quick and easy communication and of course it adds that little factor of trust and credibility. 

- Great to see you are doing well on Instagram. Have you considered linking it with your store? With such a decent follower count, it definitely makes sense to leverage it. By displaying your Instagram photos and mainly user generated content you can greatly improve your conversion rate. In our observation, having a social proof on your website can be a great leverage to encourage impulse buying. Sorry for the self-plug but you should definitely try out Incent Social. It is an app that allows you to create Instagram campaigns by enabling you to reward your customers to post photos on Instagram and publish Instagram feed and UGC into shoppable galleries on your website (Here's one example).

I can offer you upto 50% off lifetime discount on all paid plans if you are interested. Again don't mean to hijack for self-promotion so apologies if you are not interested.

Happy selling!



Sumit D

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Hi Liang

My company TransPacific Software specializes in Jewelry websites

I visited your website. One of the big problems on your website is media (Images, videos)

The quality of the product image is just about average and just a single view. No video or 360 images.

In images on pages like  object occupies  just 25% of image size rest all is black space.. This will quickly bounce off visitors.

I would strongly suggest you work on the product images and increasing number of products


Prashant telang


TransPacific Software


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The products in your store are great. This jewelry specific app ( offers ways to expand your business by connect retailers and wholesalers together on Shopify. 

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Dear liang,


1. Use Google Shopping Ads

2. Participate in Reddit and MIX

3. Do viral content marketing

4. Participate in Q n A site

5. Do some emial marketing

6. Fo seo you need to quality backlinks for ranking 

7. Go for content marketing

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We just launched our new Dynamic Pricing app purely for this purpose.

The prices change based on demand every X minutes (you pick the time period).


We've found that repeat visits increase by 2x or 3x as visitors want to return to view the latest pricing.

It's also a good way to promote specific items.  For example, you can add specific jewels to the app and only

these items will update their pricing in real time.  


There's a free 5 day trial, I suggest giving it a shot.  If it doesn't improve your business just delete it prior to the 5th day.