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Low traffic

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I did everything to improve my store and tried every ad platform to market my products but still low traffic and 0 sales
Please help
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Hi Riona,


Marketing wise, it's all about getting the right people in your store, people who buy your products, I recommend working with dynamic Facebook ads to make sure your ads investment leads to getting value, and till then, learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased.


All the best!




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Hello, guilty of using google translate to support you
I have seen your website feel a consumer's perception that your website design has not attracted users, you should improve your website, add a "shopping cart" button, customer advisory section Let customers trust your product
Your product has a high level of competition while your website is new so you can write content related to consumers, run google ads, facebook to reach more users.

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Hi Riona,


Sorry to hear that - and I agree with Samco - the issue could be with either the website [design, trust signals, prices etc.] or the quality of the traffic coming [whether the visitors are looking to buy immediately or they are just browsing]. 


In order to give you more specific tips, I'd be happy to review your website [website critique] and eventually review your marketing strategy to help you optimize these for higher conversion. Order your website critique now to get started!