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Mail in Marketing to promote your brand! - FREE Sample limited availability

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Mail in Marketing to your customers! Your Logo, Your Brand!

  • Would you like to give a small unique promotional item to your US customers to promote your brand?
  • Are your products expensive to give a free sample (typically over $30).
  • Have you already tried online and social media promotions?

If your answers to the above three are yes, you may consider mail-in marketing with Hygidots. Put your logo with personalized message and mail to your customers. We mail it To you or For you. Please check the personalized Hygidots.

Online marketing is great to promote awareness of your Brand. It is more economical and has a broader reach. But direct in-mail promotions have a higher engagement of customers. Typically this is done with brochures or small promotional items. If this is right for your business, consider the unique Hygidots giveaway!

Check out the sample picture below and details at Request a FREE sample today! Limited availability until supplies last. Shipped only in the US.

Your Logo | Your BrandYour Logo | Your Brand


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