Market Opportunity Assessment

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This type of research is mostly useful for those companies which are already active in the market and aren’t tending to enter new markets. But simultaneously are looking for growth opportunities in the market. The opportunities which can be answered by the available facilities and develop the market. These researches are a combination of products, competitors, market and customers' analysis which in all situations there is much emphasis on the product component. Mostly this information can be provided by a mixture of desk, qualitative and quantitative researches. In some cases new opportunities need to be recognized through qualitative sessions. In these sessions the main goal is idea finding from customers. In some cases, recognizing potential opportunities need quantitative researches and through this competitors' performance and customers' behavior can be studied so the probable opportunities could be recognized. In these researches the ability to recognize new ideas is very important and usually these ideas are the main reasons of the growth opportunities. So briefly it can be said that these reports are including below components:
• Recognizing and evaluating new Ideas
• Feasibility study about the possibility of changing the products, packaging and services' components
• Optimum pricing
• Studying competitors and their activity scope
• Checking the unseen opportunities of the market through product and services comparison and customers' need
• Change or reform the advertisement methods and customer relations
• Paying attention to the necessity of new products
• Brand analysis
• Distribution and sales channels' analysis

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