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Marketing Advice - Pet Products Store

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Hi all,

I recently launched my online pet accessory store I am wanting advice from other e-commerce businesses on how they promoted their business and gained their first few sales.

At the moment sales are almost non-existent. I am getting on average 15 visits to my site per day, but they are not yet converting to sales. I am very interested to know what other businesses have found successful in driving traffic to their stores.

If it helps I’m in Australia (in case you have any gold marketing nuggets in AU), but otherwise I do also get traffic from UK and US.

Thank so much in advance, Amie.​​​

Amie Spengler | Smitten Pets Owner |
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Hi Amie,

Generally ecommerce stores have conversion rates that are in the single digits so I think your aim now should be to drive up traffic. 

You can use lots of different methods to do this:

1. Instagram: I think this could be one of the best mediums for your store because (almost) everyone loves pictures of cute dogs and Instagram just loves all cute pictures. If you don't have an account already (I couldn't find one on your site) then I'd recommend setting up one and putting up pictures from dogs shows you attend, your pets, friends pets... you get the picture. It will also be great to connect with fellow pet owners in the area.

2. Facebook: You could start a Facebook groups and discuss pets, pet products, pet food everything. I would also recommend a Facebook page were you slowly start building up a community. Once that gets some traction Facebook ads are a great way to boost your sales.

3. More of You: I read the 'About Us' page and I see that you love pets. It would be great if your love for pets and things about pets could be peppered throughout the website. You want to inspire trust and familiarity with the people who visit your site but not much of you is showing through the site right now.

This is a good infographic of the sales funnel - I think it would help your store a lot to focus on the 'Awareness' stage now.

Good luck!


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Thanks Anjali,

They all sounds like cost effective options that I can start implementing straight away which is great. I did think for a while that maybe the site is too difficult to navigate, but if conversion is usually single digit it probably just is about building traffic a lot more. 

I'll update some collection descriptions and product descriptions and get onto Instagram now.
Thanks for your advice,


Amie Spengler | Smitten Pets Owner |
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Hi Amie - 

I agree a lot with Anjali and I'd like to help you automate some of the SEO and Social Sharing for free. I have a free plugin called Experimizer( that will not only optmize the previews on social sites (what people see when you share links on Facebook, or Pinterest, for example) but also do SEO for you as well. 

Experimizer will learn by itself what works best to bring in more traffic to your store. It's automatic so you don't really have to do anything once you get it running. The plugin is free and really easy to set up, but if you have any questions or need help let me know!


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We have had great results posting banner ads or text ads to bring traffic to our site. 

Check out or google adwords. 

With my first website, most of my sales for the first few months were obtained with google adwords. 


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