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Months after months still no sales

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Hi, I have been with Shopify for several months now and still no sales! I am getting visits and tried offering sales but still nothing. I run facebook ads, instagram ads, but still no sale.Any suggestions please? If you want to see the website in case there is something to change. thank you guys.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there,

Alex here from the Shopify support team 🙂

One thing that stood out to me at first glance was that the images you've set up in the slideshow are very light at the top of the page, while your menu and logo are as well. The navigation blending into the background makes the site a little difficult to navigate. This can be changed by going to Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme you can edit the logo in the Sections > Header area, and the colouring in the General Settings > Colors area.

Great things to focus on moving forward would be continuing to market your products and driving traffic to your store, as well as focusing on conversion rate optimization for the traffic you're getting. There are some great marketing resources over on our Blog - a couple things you will find there include:
- Ecommerce Marketing: The Big Picture 
- 13 Actionable Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales (And Apps to Execute Each of Them)

We also have some full E-commerce Guides as well, with content like 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale and How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing!

Some resources specific to increasing conversion rates once people are visiting your store:
- 4 Checkout Conversion Killers That Drive Your Buyers Away 
- 6 Bulletproof Ways to Increase Conversion on Your Products 

I hope this helps! Feel free to follow up with any additional questions, or reach out to our support team by chat, phone or email if you need any assistance with the theme editing!

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Thank you for your response. I will try to make updates.

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Quick points - 
I saw you have almost 2000 Instagram followers. Nice!
And I did not see a facebook button on your website. Did I miss it?

Are you highlighting your sales enough to your followers who already like you (as compared to people you target via ads who may or may not like you)? I did not see sale-centric posts on Instagram which seems to be your best audience base, that can convert to customers.

When you plan to set sales the next time, maybe for Father's Day that's coming up, do it using the easy-to-use OrangeTwig app. It will 
- create sale-centric posts for you
- share these posts on all your social channels including Instagram
- provide you the top hashtags for Instagram for your category that will get you new traffic, without any advertising spend

Your layouts will look something like this (totally customizable though):

This way your best audience (your followers) will not miss that there is a sale. And this will not even cost you advertising money. 

Also, the Sell on Messenger tool that OrangeTwig is launching in a week will also help you CONVERT your audience into customers. Basically when they comment on layouts created by OrangeTwig, you can send the commenters an exclusive, limited time discount code that will motivate them to buy from you.

Hope this helps! And hope you get sales. Your product is nice and I think it should work. As a last point, get your ad audiences reviewed by a specialist. You need very good layered targeting. Meanwhile target your audiences with clear sales creative as outlined above.