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Most effective Collection and Product Title naming strategy?

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I'm creating a store for selling art prints and accessories that all center around a common theme. I'm very confused on how I should structure the naming/URLs of Collection and Product Titles.

As an example, I will use graffiti artwork as the art theme.

My goals:

  1. Primarily focus SEO on 'Graffiti Art Prints'
  2. Lesser SEO focus on specific art prints of artists and/or artworks
  3. Lesser SEO focus on secondary products ie: 'Graffiti Art Shirts'

My options (as I see it):

#1 (main keywords in the collection and product title)


#2 (one central collection for everything, keywords in the product title)


#3 (keywords in the collection title and put product keywords in the meta description)



None of these seem quite right to me to be honest so I'm open to anything.

As you can probably tell, I'm really unsure of how to proceed here so any tips or information would be really, really appreciated.

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I think your mixing up URL structure with titles.

Text in a URL is a very small signal to search engines. But it is a singal, so no harm in making them look nice.

Shopify canonicalises product URLs to a version without the collection. This means Google will only care about the simple product URLs. That is fine, as you don't want the duplication issues that arise if they were not canonicalised.

Well strucutred collections can help users find what they want, and provide Google with information on what products are related. So I would go with grouping your products in a way that makes sense to your visitors. Maybe think about the different type of people that will visit the site, and what they are looking for. That could be how you want to create youre collections.

Your page titles are what Google may show as your title in the search results. Make them descriptive and enticing for people to click. They have some influence on what you rank for, but the content of the page is more important for that.

The meta description also may get shown in the search results. Have it expand on what your page offers to the searcher. This has no ranking influence so focus 100% on the message.

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That really helped a lot, thank you!