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Need Help With My Store; No Sales, Hundreds Spent On Ads

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Hey guys this is my very first post on the forum and I need a lot of help. My store, which I think is really good, is getting lots and lots of views from Adwords Ads and Facebook Ads, but no sales. I need some help on figuring out why that is, I have the free shipping banner to entice customers to shop. Also I have product reviews and the sales pop app to ensure the products are being sold and are good. (Even though I haven't sold any profducts yet. Hehehe) I'll include my Facebook and Adwords Campaigns to see if maybe I'm doing something wrong but I really don't know what's up if you guys could help that would be fantastic! Sorry if the pictures of my ads are so small, you can right click it and opin it in a new page and make it bigger or save it to your pc, then view it and make it bigger. Much appritiated!

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Hello Austin, 

I had quick look at your store and was able to identify few significant problems. 

Some features are not working

Mens Light Blue Board Shorts are featured on your homepage, but there is nowhere to click on them. If customers will be interested in them - they have to go extra step to look for them, you can easly make them open. 


You really do not want to have any mistakes on your homepage: "See out men's section for this product". You have to work on your descriptions. 


Look very inconsistent with only half on the left side filled with information, fallow us without any social media icons on the middle and completely empty space on right.


Cusmers will consider your store as incomplete, they might decide not to buy from you because of this. 

What You Want to Do

You want your custmers to belive that you are well established, even if you are not. Pop-up information will not help you when your website is inconsistent. 

I wish you good luck 🙂 

Tomasz Adamski




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Contact me, I will show you how to increase your sales throught Facebook and Instagram. I will teach you step by step my winning Facebook ad strategy. Big results and fast.

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Hi Austin,

Great to hear that your ads get a lot of views. It's always the first step to get sales. HERE are some tips to increase your conversion rate. Your website looks fine but I think there are many marketing features you could add to the site, such as customer email collection and exit intent popups. HERE is a list of apps to try.

It's good that you are advertising on Adwords and Facebook. I would recommend to investigate your target audience more. HERE are some free Facebook Blueprint courses that would help. You could also automate the advertising process with Pollen. It uses information like your customer list, social page engagement and visitor demographics to find similar people on the Internet who are most likely interested in your products, so you don't have to do the data mining yourself. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!