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Need Help !!!

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Hello everyone ?

I'm using Shopify for 3 months now and I have like 20, sales and a ton of abandoned carts every day. Also people that add to Cart and leave without even go to checkout. My daily traffic is 50-80 people with 5 add to Cart and 1-2 abandoned carts. I'm using Facebook ads and have INSTAGRAM account and Pinterest too.

Is something wrong with the website itself and people don't buy? My prices r very competitive and quality products. Is it because I have only PayPal as a payment method and people don't buy?

Please somebody help here cause I'm ready to quit.

Thanks in advance

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Crumel, 

I'm Zuzanna, a Guru here at Shopify 🙂

When it comes to getting conversions on your store, getting visitors is definitely the best first step! So congrats on that! You will want to make sure that visitors keep coming, and the more varied they are the better, so in addition to what you are doing how there are a lot of different methods you could try as well! I would like to recommend taking a read through this great guide we have here. It goes over 50 different ways you can get people to see your store! 

Now when it comes to making sure people complete their purchases, I did a few tests on your store and I can confirm that there is nothing blocking your customers from completing their sales. However, why they are dropping off is hard to say for sure, what you can do is reach out to them individually through any abandoned carts you have and see if you can get any feedback!  

Something else you can do is give the people who have purchased your items the ability to review them! When people are deciding on whether to buy something or not, a good review can help sway them. Check out our free product reviews app here.

Finally, there is a great third party app that will help you see why people are not getting to the end of the line when browsing through your store. Take a look at it here. It will help you pinpoint some other reasons why people might be visiting but never actually purchasing anything 🙂

I hope this helps! Keep up the great work and good luck! 

Have a great one,

Zuzanna | Shopify 
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Abandoned charts have often something to do with the posting charges. I know they suck because you have to pay them!

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Hi Crumel, Experienced Shopify Developer here 🙂

Just examined your website, it's pretty good. But there are few good suggestions that would like to share with you, that might helps you in improvising your sales ratio ahead.

Let me know if interested -

Best Regards,



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Most likely shipping prices. Why not setup an ambandon shopping cart plugin and try emailing them with a discount to see if a conversion happens?

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I think I found the problem. Your fb posting looks infrequent, you last posted in March.

Ok, going back to the beginning:

First of all, you have about 1 - 2% conversion rate. I think that's OK. Apart from plugging holes in the funnel, you need to increase your daily traffic. So that at the same conversion rate you end up having more sales in total.

Jewelry is a category in which people love to browse! They like to see all kinds of necklaces and earrings out there. You may lways have high traffic and low conversions as people are enjoying just browsing.

Also, you have only been on Shopify for 3 months. Make the people who have been browsing your store ocnvert with an offer, like on Mother's Day.


Option 1: Retarget with an offer like - 10% Off On Mother's Day! If someone abandoned cart, or even spent more than a certian no. of minutes on your site, retarget them with fb ads. This will cost you though.

Option 2: Instead of spending, retarget your fans and followers automatically, for free or as low as $10/month. With OrangeTwig. 

This tool will automatically design 100s of social media posts for you in one go, such as on Mother's Day theme and offers, and post these posts across ALL the social media channels for you. You will get exposure and reach you could have never managed yourself, manually.

It will create posts like this:


Retarget for higher conversions. Keep acquisition efforts on as well.

I saw you posted last in March. Post more often, on ALL channels.

With OrangeTwig.


All the best!