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Thank you for opening my topic because I definitely need feedback.

Within the last week, I've had 180 people visit my site and NOT ONE order! I really don't get what it is?!

Is there any other marketing tactics I can use? I have paid FB and IG ads going and to me, my site looks legit. I don't see anything that would make someone hesitant to buy from my site. How can I turn visitors into buyers? I see that quite a few people will go to their cart or will begin the checkout process but they never complete it. I ran test orders and everything went smoothly. No delays or issues.

Here's my site -->

Can anyone offer any advice? 


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The site looks pretty good. I would try to get some better images if possible and also add in better product description. Product descriptions are also important for SEO when people are searching for your product. 

Try sending cart abandonment emails as well -- ask your potential customers what questions they have. It could be something very simple that you overlooked.

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If you have tried FB ads, you may be familiar with the objective -  remarketing. If you were able to install FB pixels with your website, you can turn previous customers into your audience. It is similar to google's retargeting so you can retarget visitors from 30 days, 60 day, up to 180 days I think.

After that, you can also touch the dynamic marketing side - where you can set your ads using product catalog. Here, you are able to target people who have added your product in the cart but wasn't able to complete the transaction.

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like a poster above said, you need better images.  And I would be a tad be hesitant on your policy.  You say you have 100% satisfaction but no returns.  Some people may read that and get nervous.  Maybe say something like "if you have any problems with your item, please email us so we can get your issue resolved"...your not necessarily saying you will refund, BUT I def want the comfort in knowing that if Im not 100% satisfied with a product I just got in the mail that I can atleast exchange it.  I use to sell hair and Ive even received a batch from my wholesaler that wasnt up to my standards.  And even for my clients, I would offer some sort of at least exchange as long as the hair was never used and returned the exact same way it was sent to them.  Other than that, you site look great.

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Your products do not have any descriptions. Given the fact that they are not entry-level priced (<$20) and are attached right to your head, I assume that most people want to know more about it before purchasing. You should give some information about the product and probably even use a service to shoot a video with it for full clarity.

Then, I would offer a Live Chat option to be able to response to possible issues and questions immediately, this will definitely boost the confidence of your buyers.

Last but not least, use Google Analytics and an advanced user behaviour tracking tool like Hotjar to better understand whats happening on your site. Using these both tools only I helped numerous clients skyrocketing their sales, simply because they didn't know what was going on before.

Good luck!