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Not getting sales after months gone

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Our site opazy jewelry is not getting sales. It's been months. We are running fb ads. Spending a lot. Now the amount of money we spent we are freaked out to go on another platform. Was it a bad decision to start as we're newbie?

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Hi Binayak,

Don’t loose hope! Selling online is super-tough and sometimes, it just takes time for things to pick up. 

Although, if you don’t mind, I have some suggestions for your website. If I landed on your site to buy something, these things will bother me: 

  • Clutter: there is so much happening on every page. It’s difficult to focus on any one particular thing, especially the product. There are pop-ups, messenger, certification, etc. And all in pretty big sizes. This is a list of 90 best Shopify stores. Why don't you take a look at some of the sites from this list to get an idea on what works. 
  • Product description: There is inconsistency in your product descriptions. While for some, you’ve written why a customer should buy from you, in others, there is just a list. I was looking at bracelets and there was a list of specs as product description.

    Here’s where conversions happen and since you’re not there in person to sell your items, your product descriptions have to sell your items. Along with specs, write why your bracelets or jewelry is better than everything out there. Check out this article for tips on writing product descriptions: Titles and Product Descriptions that sell
  • Social icons: The Facebook icon leads to your Facebook page. But the other two - Pinterest and Instagram lead right back to your website.

Facebook is a tough channel to grow on. The reach of organic posts is close to just 2%. Have you explored Instagram? If you haven’t then you definitely should. 

Here’s why: 

Easy to grow on and great for driving traffic:

To grow on Instagram, you need to get your content and hashtags right. For hashtags, use OrangeTwig’s Hashtag Research tool. You’ll get a list of trending and related hashtags with just a few clicks. 

Check out these articles for tips on content:

- 47 Content Ideas 

- Develop a visual theme 

Will grow your audience for Ads:

I saw that you’ve placed a Facebook pixel on your website. If you’re running ads to the people who’ve visited your website and for these ads to work well, the traffic on your website should be constantly growing. Instagram can be phenomenal for referring traffic to website. Just post great content and use the right hashtags. As I mentioned above, if you use OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool, you won’t have to spend time finding the right hashtags. 

Another must have on Instagram is clickable posts. Use OrangeTwig’s clickable link to make all your Instagram posts clickable. Instagram allows only one clickable link. The downside of one clickable link is that people have to browse your website to find the product that they originally liked on Instagram. This is really bad for conversions. With clickable post, you will see an increase in your conversions. 

Now about marketing - 

  1. Can you share some of your Ad creatives? 
  2. Where do you lead people to from your Ads. It’s not a great idea to lead people to a generic home page from Ads. The best practice is to take them to a landing page / website page which displays the products advertised along with the offer. Ideally there should be an absolute consistency in what your customers see in Ads and on the landing page.

    For OrangeTwig’s Facebook Ads, we create specific landing pages for ads. Here are some samples landing pages for our Insta-Success toolkit: 
    - Insta-Success toolkit 
    - Commenting on Instagram 
  3. Audience: Audience is one of the most important thing in Facebook Ads. Without the right audience, it’s very difficult to see success in Facebook Ads. You can go about in two ways: 
  • Create your own audience: if you’re creating your audience from scratch, I’d suggest that you take a look at Facebook’s audience insights. Enter the interests that you’re targeting and use the information under different tabs to build your audience. 
  • Retargeting: if you’re focussing on retargeting then it’s crucial to grow your website traffic. Overall, OrangeTwig will be able to help you with that. Learn more about OrangeTwig here

I hope this helps 🙂

- Karan 

Karan Jassar
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I am doing a different strategy for running store on Shopify. Instead of directly spending a lot of money, I try to generate traffic using SEO (I normally hire a good agency) and once I start getting 4-5 sales per day then I move on paid campaigns. This way I save my investment and my store usually goes 5+ years live.

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Hey Binayak,

I couldn't agree more with Walker on the SEO bit. Currently, most businesses are using SEO to drive traffic and convert them into sales. There are several options to go by with regard to SEO. Aside fixing issues yourself(which I won't advise if you're not tech savvy), hiring a guru to do the work for you is an option. Better still, there are great SEO apps that will simply do a big chunk of the fix for you; and I recommend you go in for this option. Why? Because the process is automated and hardly requires a manual fix, in most cases.

Hope this helps,