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*** Not sure what to do 2 ***

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Wow!!!! I'm really impressive with this forum. You rock, guys!!! 

I was almost crying when I found that post  " *** Not sure what to do*** "  and read all comments. The light came out on the end of the path!!!! 

I don't know how is my store if I'm in the right way... I don't have traffic (very small) and I'm so confused in the middle of AdWords, SEO, keywords, tags, google add, facebook add, Instagram add, Reedit,... I'll confess: I'm complete overwhelmed and don't know what to do. I just installed the APP "PlugIn SEO", and I don't know if it will help. I tried to create right tags for each product, but I'm so confused.
Please, can you help me?

(I know I still have "Powered by Shopify" and I will try to remove it tomorrow.)


Thanks a LOT in advance!!!!



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Hey Claudia,


Wow! nice site from what i can see, great pics on the front page. The first thing i would do is to attemp to make the slideshow photos a little smaller as it takes alot of screen. Have you had the images compressed? you can get an App in the App Storeon Shopify and its a small cost per image.

You need to add a contact page, Shopify has a page template already for that, customers will have more confidance if they can see a location - town/city, state and country. Also add an email and make sure it's the same as the domain and not a gmail.

I like that you have done the product descriptions, again gives confidence to the customer as they know what to expect.

You need to display the shipping costs on the front page, the biggest cause of cart abandonment is the customer not knowing the extras and being shocked by shipping. I use - Free Shipping Bar by Hextom - it adds the item costs and tells the customer how much more they have to spend to get free shipping.

You should think about doing Twitter for new products, you will get a great following and also Instagram will work amazingly with your products, get some friends to wear to products and take photos. Post the photos to instagram and then look for groups to join  to spread the word about your site.

Try to make your photos consistent, if you have a bracelet with a background try and do it for all of them, it will look much better.

Maybe make a video to show how to use the Yoga bags, i know it's simple to use but it will make great SEO. Also put links into the product descriptions, Google will pick these up.

Setup an account for Google and submit your Sitemap.xml to the Webmaster area, Google has great training areas so you can learn how to do this.

Finally, don't get sucked into all the Marketers who come on here. You can do most of it your self



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This piece of advice is going to be very opinionated and very much "feels like", so see if it really should apply to your business.

As a past customer for both yoga goods and makeup items, I'd never expect to purchase YSL lipstick on a yoga-themed website. Moreover, given that you have very few shades available - I'd question if it's pre-owned or something else fishy despite your package description. 

"Free spirit" bags go one way, luxury brand make-up goes another. If you're planning on expanding make-up selection, consider more "down to earth" brands that are more in line with yoga/naturalism philosophy.

As a more objective piece of advice - see if you can blow up the size of your pictures. Certain free themes allow to zoom in on the picture (given that the size allows). Given how many intricately embroided gorgeous clutches you have, I'm sure your bags will get higher sense of value this way.

Best of luck to you!


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My "homework" is almost done! Some difficult time on Google Webmaster Area... but I'm trying! I did some changes there already, and keep going during the weekend.

I want to say thank you so very much for your message! You are helping me a lot!!! Tons of gratitude _/\_

Probably I'll have some questions during the weekend. May I bother you?

Thanks again!




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All advice and opinions are very welcome! Thanks a lot for your time.

You're completely right regarding the beauty high-end products within the store. However, I still need them to make the other "side" of the store growing and pay my bills. As I explained on my "About us", I came from this area - duty-free shops / high-end brand names beauty products. Actually, I didn't post all beauty products I have available yet (more than 250 sku). The plan is exactly what you mentioned: migrate to "earth connected products". 

Please if you have any other tip, do not hesitate to give me.

Thanks again for your message. I really appreciated.



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Hi Claudia,

First observation - I saw your site. Everything like the batik bags, yoga mat bags still look part of one set up but then suddenly there is makeup. This makes it seem like the seller just got their hands on some goods and is selling them on the site. If makeup is not even selling that great, remove it from the site because for me at least, it is taking away from Trust.

So the question is 'How to approach Marketing when you are a new store?' because there is so much to do - facebook, SEO, adwords etc...

It's great that you are looking at your traffic first. The broad stratgey would be 

  • Get Traffic
  • Have a conversion rate in mind as per industry standard, from traffic to purchases. A rough conversion rate I work with is 3%
  • Plug points in the funnel where you have drop-offs. If it is at the point of checkout you have apps to address cart abandonment, if people are not even adding your product to cart, you need to work on that

So, you have identified your problem as low traffic. How to grow traffic? Let's address each way -

SEO - Good but takes long to show impact, so you can do this but not expect any immediate spike in traffic. I also think SEO is very good when you have a solid amount of content, blogposts and all.

Ads - Good, but it costs you. But worth doing! Maybe do it a little later after you have got organic traffic and streamlined your funnel a bit, fixed the problem areas. Give yourself like a month or just start with a low budget. You can even spend just $100 and see how it plays out for you. Big suggestion for you is - Really layer your audiences. Don't keep them loose and sort of just hope they buy from you. You can tighten/ layer your audiences by not only choosing people into yoga, but people who are known to show purchase behaviour online, and are into other brands like yours. Like choose people who are into handbags BUT you do not want to attract people into highstreet brands, so handbags x crafts x boho chic x handicrafts in one audience. You can even layer by income. And test by age.

Organic Social Media - I think in the beginning this is the best way to go. Not only drive people people to your store, but to your facebook page/group. Your page should give value to your followers by sharing content like 5 Top Yoga Asanas, or a happy picture of a friend at a yoga retreat holding your yoga bag, or simply a photo of someone ready for a night out holding your clutch bag, or a quote about being free-spirited. Give life to your brand.

Create the page, add your friends and add your past customers. When you post content on your page, share it in other groups, especially if it is a quote. Connect with all the yoga groups, or groups into crafts and share your content... in the crafts groups you can share your product image too. Try to pull people back into your group.

Use Instagram. Good hashtags will do half or all the acquisition work for you. You can get the top traffic driving hashtags using OrangeTwig.

Use Twitter. And also share on PInterest, because here your products can really be discovered.

All this posting on your profiles across channels and even creating the content to be posted is tough. Again, use OrangeTwig that will just do all this for you.

Once you have this base, you can keep showing them your products and drive traffic to your store. You can ask them to 'tag a friend who'd rock a bag' (show image of bag), and grow your base.

You can share referral codes with this group. And get them to convert by offering special discounts, and free shipping. You can expect a spike in sales by creating sales promotions on Mother's Day... heck, there must be a Yoga Day too!

In the beginning it is actually a lot of work - posting and pushing. Instagram is the big one I think. Then ads will help. And yes, share testimonials so that you build credibility and others also trust you and buy your products. You can automatically create posts like this with OrangeTwig:

All the hard work, AUTOMATE IT. Do smart work. 

If I had to give you one way forward - Promote your products in facebook groups which are made up of your potential buyers. Also tie up with admins saying you will run a promotion just for that group's members, or you will do a giveaway, or hold a contest that drives people to your shop. One's gotta be creative at the start (if one is working on a tight budget) and then momentum takes over 🙂 Else you've got ads! Fb ads rock IMO.

Another reason I say, drive organic traffic first is that the first challenge is to find your product-market fit. Looking around in different groups, and seeing where you get a good response may help you determine this. Or simply do ads testing with dictinct audiences, and test different messaging.

All the very very best! 

Karan Jassar
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Hi Claudia


Your more than welcome to ask any questions