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Optimised website not ranking - Help!

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Hi all, I have a client with a shopify website which I have tried to rank over the last 6 months and it is still nowhere to be found on Google. All meta titles, descriptions, alts, sitemaps been added to webmaster etc. I have got some awesome links from news agencies and fashion magazines. I am a successful online marketer but this one has really got me stumped! 


Would it be the theme thats causing the problem? It is a customised version of launchpad star? As you can guess I am desperate for ideas and any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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First thing. Your website is beautiful!

Ranking is definitely not an easy thing. Have you ever did keyword research to see if your keywords are high competition words? If so that would explain.  I checked your SEO and that best I see is position 5 on google on triona design 

triona design

you have a lot of keywords, you need to keep driving traffic wether it's AdWords of Facebook ads


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Hey Joseph,


I shot you a quick video for you to look over, this is short to the point.

Hope it helps,

Wish you the best,


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Your a genius man! Thanks!