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Please help! 1/10 Quality Score on Adwords. How can I imporve?

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Hi all,

I'm so panic right now!!! I just launched my website two days ago and started using Adwords to advertise. My site specialises in selling high quality LED Light Bars for offroad vehicles, and the collection page is used as the landing page for my ads. All three factors - expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience all score below average. Can any one please have a look at my site? Here's the link to my landing page-

I can use all your help and really appreciate your feedbacks. Thank you!


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Hi Kaichi:

Your shop is not well done, there are sections that are empty and this affects negatively to the quality score of your campaings. 

We are an app that makes professional Adwords campaigns for free, we also make banners, give Adwords assistance... check our app and let´s see if we can help you with your Adwords account!:


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Hi Kaichi!

Congrats on the launch, great news 🙂 

In addition to Rodrigo's message after you pay your store's first monthly fee to Shopify, you might be eligible for a Google AdWords ... which is definitely worth checking out to get you started. 

Just to note only Google accounts with no activity history are eligible for the Google Adwords credit. If your existing Google account is older than your Shopify store, then try setting up your Shopify store using an entirely new Google account.

I also noticed at the bottom of your home page there are some empty sections for collections. By adding collections to them or removing the section it could improve your Adwords also.

Hope this helps!

Nick | Shopify Guru


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at the bottom of your page currently below your featured info you still have the original shopify product section that comes from a blank ecommerce store. remove that asap

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Do you measure Adwords Conversion? It affect on the Ads quality scrore as well. In your case I'd recommend to start over the campaign and re-launch the ads. There will be reset with quality score.

The landing page experience matters for Google Adwords. You can use SEO Quake Google Chrome addon to check how your landing page looks good from SEO point of view.

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & Google Analytics - my passion and that's what I can help you with right now.
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Here are some tips:)

  1. Create ads closely related to your keywords
  2. If you're on a tight budget use modified broad match type keywords.
  3. Find negative kywords and add them to campaign - use,
  4. Try to show ads on above 3.5 average position, use bids to control this.
  5.  Try to replace sold items with new ones as soon as possible.

Hope that helps!

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Hello Kaichi, 

The Quality Score is heavily influenced by the clickthrough rates. The other factors include page and ad relevance and a bunch of other smaller factors. However, depending on your keywords, it takes about 500 to 2000 impressions before a quality score is even accurate.

What matters now is to set you on the right path and then... wait for more data to come in.

I'm just starting a business to manage AdWords accounts, and I would like to give you some help for free (seriously!) and make a few small adjustments to your AdWords account. Please contact me at if you're interested. 



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Hi Kaichi,

So that readers here will be able to offer you advice, you’ll need to provide the forum with details of your Google Ad campaign.

(As an aside, note that many people are often surprised in the beginning at just how low the conversion rates on Google Ads are, and indeed how much each click costs. That is the nature of the competitive world of e-commerce. It is far more competitive than many people realise. As an example, in the industry in which we operate, our top competitors spend an average of £1,500 (2,000 USD) each per day on Google Ads, that’s US $60,000 per month each. They do this (a) to get sales, and (b) quite understandably, to keep out new and nimble competitors.)


So that readers can get a feel for your Ad Campaign and offer useful advice, please provide the following (I trust it is not commercially sensitive info):


How many keywords or key-phrases have you running in the Ad?

An example of several of those keywords or key-phrases:

Click Thru Rate Percentages (CTR%) for various keywords:

How many Negative Words have you set up (by way of example we have over 900 in our campaign)?

What is your Average Cost Per Click (CPC) for various keywords?

Have you set a Max Cost Per Click for various keywords, and what is it?

What is your Max Daily Budget set to?

What is your Average Position for various keywords?

What is Google’s First Page Bid Estimate for a selection of those keywords?

What is your sales conversion rate percentage from Google Ads?

How long does the average Organic visitor spend on your site?

How long does the average Google Ad visitor spend on your site?

How many pages does the average Organic visitor view on your site?

How many pages does the average Google Ad visitor view on your site?

Are many Google Ad visitors bouncing or viewing less than 3 pages?

What are your Quality Scores for various keywords (note that Google takes a few days to give a score)?

Do you have just 1 ad going to 1 page, or a selection of ads going to specific relevant pages?

How many Ad impressions have you had (i.e. are we dealing with statistically relevant numbers)?

How many Ad Clicks have you had (i.e. are we dealing with statistically relevant numbers)?

Are you using Google Shopping or just regular Google text ads?

Are you using Ad Extensions?

What kinds of phrase matches are you using in the Ad Campaign? E.g. car lights, OR “car lights” OR [car lights]?


Provide a screen snap of the Google Ad from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If there is a low CTR, then it’s critical that the forum readers can see what is presented to Google users to determine why they might / might not click on the ad. And show the competitors’ ads and organic returns in the same screen snap, so that readers can determine what they would / would not click on.


With the above data available, I imagine some useful and specific forum tips might emerge.


Best of luck and regards,

Fergus W

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Everybody will have advice, and you can spend a lot of money going through the learning curves.  But here is a basic.  AdWord uses keywords, less is better, so think about what are your top 5 words that describe your offer and what are the top 20.  Next Adwords come in 3 different forms, Exact Match, Phase Match and Broad Match Modifyer.  Study the Broadmatch Modify, this can elevate your ad score if you do it right.  

Lastly, what ever is working now, won't work in the future as the algorighms change as keywords become more popular.  So if you find a broadmatch keyword it is likely that you competitors will see it, then everybody is competing for that word.  Adding a modifyer to the broadmatch is one way of getting ahead of your competitors.  

The best advice that I can give you is: "less is more".

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Google tells you straight away the 3 elements that constitute Quality Score but they don't give you much advice on how to fix them.  I'll share some of our techniques below.

To refresh, the 3 factors as stated by Google are:

  • Expected Clickthrough Rate
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Experience

Ad Relevance is the easiest factor to manipulate and optimize for.  To do this, ensure that all of the keywords in your Ad Group follow the exact same theme.  Then write ad copy that is specific to the keywords in your Ad Group and use the keywords in your Ad Group in your ad copy.

Here’s an example of an ad that I wrote which is optimized to drive a high Ad Relevance for keywords like “Offroad LED Light Bars”

Metric Digital Optimized Ad

Another trick is to use Keyword Insert in your ad headline.  This will dynamically put the users search term in your copy, and can drive a high CTR which drives up Quality Score with time.  Keyword Insert can also be bad if it’s used in an extremely broad ad group, so ensure that your ad group structure is tight and all keywords in a group follow a specific theme.

Ad Extensions can also help your quality score as they help CTR.  Definitely add Sitelinks and Callout Extensions as a minimum and use them to call out distinct product benefits – i.e. Lumens, various styles of light bars, etc.

Long term, CTR is the strongest factor in Quality Score.  Do everything you can to make sure CTR is high by A/B testing, using ad extensions, and also keeping a competitive position on the page.


Landing Page Experience can also be optimized for QS.  Google doesn’t provide clear guidance on what to change, but others are right that they like to see a straightforward flow that is not confusing or misleading to visitors.

If you have distinct sets of products then consider creating collection pages for each of those sets.  This goes back to thinking of your product & Adwords structure in terms of “themes”.   

If you’re really having QS challenges for Landing Page Experience then try driving keywords directly to a product page and see if that helps.  Choose your most popular product and ensure that the product page is optimized for conversion and that there is clear content – i.e. keyword optimized in the same way your ad copy would be.


Expected CTR is more a function of competitiveness of the auction i.e. how broad your keywords are, how strong competitor ad copy/bids/ad rank is, and how likely you are to compete.  There is little you can do here other than ensure that you’re bidding high enough to be eligible and that your Ad Copy & LP are well optimized.

I also think this has less of an effect on QS than the other 2 factors.  If it bothers you though then consider targeting more long-tail keywords (that are less competitive) and stay away from broad, general, head terms.


Hope this helps.


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there's some great advice above but what everyone is lacking to tell you is the fact that you started off right away with 1/10 indicated your landing page doesn;t rank well for the keywords you are targeting.

so while you may target "blue shoes" "shoes that are blue" "i want blue shoes" "where can i buy blue shoes"

and your landing page has little mention of these keywords or has little well written content at all, this is why your score is so low.


i can see in your keywords/meta decription you dont even use the primary target keyword whihc seems ot be "led light bars" think about that for a minute


    <meta name="description" content="Guaranteed genuine LEDs from best manufactuers like Cree, Osram and Phillips Lumileds. Built with high quality materials and the latest PCB electronics, they ar">
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Hi Steven,

my main advice at this stage is Don't panic! its likely that you simply haven't not given the site/ Adwords long enough to be properly assessed. You said that you just launched the website and presumably the  Google Adword campaign so its very likely that google will not have seen enough traffic to give it a proper score yet.

What Google tries to do first and formost is to ensure that someone performing a search gets relevent results back whether that is in its organic or paid search. In the case of Adwords It does that my examining the keywords or products that you are bidding on and cross referencing these to the content of the site that you are linking to. Its therefore essential that the keywords or products that you define in your Ads are included in the content of your page. All of the usual rules that apply to organic search optimization will apply to Paid ads, so you need to have original content, it needs to be consistent, title, description, image tags and copy all need to include you core keywords, you need to ensure that there isn't too much duplication within your pages so its no good having exactly the same copy for 3 products where the only difference is there size for example.

I think you say that you are using the catelgory page as your landing page for all your ads, this isn't generally a good idea as Google would prefer to see specific ads going to specific product pages, it will evaluate the quality of each Ad and its the landing page based on whether it can see a clear product title, description, price, even a returns policies, contact details, reviews etc. If you point to a collection it will see a variety of different product names, descriptions prices etc and it will not know which to match against your Adwords keywords, ad copy. There will also be a number of links to different product pages and not a clear call to action to purchase an individual product so its likely a customer may have to view several pages before placing an order which in googles opinion may not be the best user experience.

I noticed on you product pages your product description is is a tabbed box along with the delivery details etc. We have found that sometimes these are not idea as google does not index all the content within the tabs depending on what code you are using to display each tab. I'd also check the optimum length of your product titles, they seem quite long to be. 

As well as good SEO and careful biding strategies, we use the "Google Shopping" app on shopify, (its made by shopify and free) this add each of the products to the merchant centre and from there to Adwords. In fact with a straight  physical products sales we've found shopping campaigns much more effective than adwords. Increasing clickthroughs and conversions with a shopping campaign may also improve your rankings for keyword campaigns as well because the page itself will get a higher ranking. 

All in all I've found if you concentrate on ensuring that your store is a genguinely great shopping experience that customers will enjoy and want to come back to with well crafted product titles, descriptions and copy than it will score well in organic search and page ranking and that provided you match individual ads to individual product pages within adword they will also score well, as the click through rates, and conversions will reflect the quality of the site.

I would expect  it to take at least a couple of weeks before you start seeing those rankings going up, especially if your changing the site / ads regularly as your learn more - as you won't see the changes until the sites been re indexed.

Google have loads of advice on this online, i think they have a free training programme on adword called google garage as well as a stack of video on the subject on youtube. 

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When driving traffic from Google Adwords the important thing to take a look as above guys mentioned is the landing page. With the rich content landing page (collection or product page) and optimized for SEO. You can take at look at Backlinko SEO ONSite optimization for reference. 

So with building the additional content to collection or product page you could consider using the PageFly Shopify page builder app. It's SEO supported with page title, meta description and URL. After you finish building the landing page use Google fetch function. It'll help you check how Google see your webpage.


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I have been using and around 90% of my quality score is 8 or higher.


Works really well. It also adjusts the bids for me.

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how can we get the 75$ credit in adwords 

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hoow can we remove the "powered by shopify"?


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Hi Leo, i think this might be what you are looking for

With regard to the Google Adwords voucher just search on google Ad words voucher and enter the code in the Adwords console, unfortunately it only applies to new accounds that have not used a google code on their account previously.



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Hi Steven,

I just came across your post, it's a year on, how are your AdWords going now? I see you have a Google remarketing tag and Facebook pixel so I guess you're using those. 

By now you'll know lots more about AdWords and the quality score. Adwords is very complex when you start, but for the right business, search ads can work really well.

Facebook ads might work well too, they probably have the right kind of targeting for your business, also the Google Display Network might work for targeting, not just remarketing. You can trial these at a low cost. 

Let me know if you're still having issues with AdWords or would like more info on list building or messenger marketing bots or anything mentioned here.

I noticed that you're not using an email opt-in.

I'm sure you know how good Facebook Groups can be for a business like yours; using a lead magnet there could work very well. A friend of mine ran a simple survey in a Facebook group and got 800 emails in  few days, all potential customers. It worked because the people in the group were passionate about their shared interest. 



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Structure your campaigns into smaller yet targeted ad groups.

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Optimize keywords ad copy.