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Please help me on understanding analytic data

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Hi everyone

I just launched my store and try to follow some guidance on youtube for FB ad. I created an ad here are my settings (sorry I don't know how to upload the screenshot. I can't paste it in the input box):

Region: Australia.

Cost: 7.5 AUD per day

Duration 2 days

Audiance: ~180k

Reach: 500-1600

Post Engagement: (don't really understand the meaning of it) 16-74

The I created a ad page with a 10 seconds slideshow then published it.

Here is the analyics data in Shopify store for the first day:

Total sales: 0

Total online store visit: 56 (visitor 52)

Traffic source: social 47, Direct 8, Search 1

Visits by location: United States 42, Australia 8, Ireland 6

Visits by device type: Desktop 38, Mobile 18

I got confused about the data. Could anyone help to explain it? I understand it's a new store and only one product was advertised for testing purpose. But I still have follow questions.

1, Why did most visits come from United States? I set the ad region as Australia and all visits came from FB channel. Does that mean I should focus on US market?

2, Based on the ad setting, did I get a good result, common result or bad result in terms of visiting?

3, I can only see the landing page visit which is the URL in my FB ad. How could I know if people visited other pages? Now I only know nobody put the item in cart. But I don't know what made visitors leave. If they leave in the landing page, I will guess some problems of the whole site (maybe colour, style...). If they browsered other pages, I will thnk maybe the products or prices are not attractive enough.

I want to do dropshipping and I try my best to communicate with suppliers to find the best products. I don't dream to make 1000 per day by finding a "winner product". I just try to build a business step by step and focus on the niche.

Thank you for any help and guidance!



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Great question! Curious to see how others respond.

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I believe the U.S. and Ireland traffic is from FB admin checking your site before approving your ad. I always get the same result as you when I launch ads, regardless of targeted location.


Your results are normal - but, you need to run more ads for longer. One ad for two days isn't enough for your pixel to learn much.


Check 'behavior - behavior flow' in the menu for analytics, it'll tell if folks bounced or continued further into your store.

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Based on experience, the visit came from US the moderator of your FB ads which do they QA before approved the post. Ireland? I have doubt for that because it could be robots not human.